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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Burning Attraction By Ashley Beale

Burning Attraction (Cassie Series, #1) 

Cassandra (Cassie) McKnight is starting college with her best friend, and room mate, Aubrey. Life is suppose to be about a few good parties, fun with friends, and working hard in school. The last thing Cassie wants is to fall in love, at least right off, but in the first few weeks everything changes.

Cassie finds a perfect romance with Carson Woods, a fraternity brother who treats her with the way she always dreamed of. Although everything is perfect between the two, Cassie can't control the love she has for Avery Manning, her childhood crush, who after six years kept his promise of coming back to be with her.

While sorting through the mess of Carson and Avery, Cassie uses Pierce Danielson, Avery's sexy rival in the underground fights, to be her escape from reality. The worse party of using him, is accidently having feelings for him.

With the help of Aubrey, Cassie has to make a tough decision on who and what she wants, without loosing any of the men who have consumed her heart. Burning Attraction is a story of love, lust, and loss.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

This title is recommended for mature readers, 17+ years in age, due to intense sexual situations and language.

Cassie is what I would call a love em and leave kind of girl. Ever since her first love and best friend Avery moved away when she was a little girl she hasn't been wanting anything more than to live her teenage years to the fullest.  

Her first week of college she find herself in a pseudo-relationship with Carson, the frat guy. He treats her how every girl would want and she fins herself falling for him. That is, until, Avery steps back into her life and shows her a side of him she didn't know. Now she's keeping secrets, going to underground, fights and bouncing back in forth between her childhood love and her modern day Mr. Right. 

Now, Ashley Beale DID NOT want to make this story easy on us AT ALL. Lol. Because she just happens to throw in yet another hot-ass guy by the name of Pierce. Pierce is Avery;s rival in the underground boxing league and he wants Cassie just as bad as the other two. I got whiplash from all the bouncing around that Cassie did. I know she wanted to live the whole college experience up, but damn she just can't keep the men away from her.

Cassie finds herself breaking hearts along with her own. I felt bad for her then I felt like she caused it upon herself. I didn't know who I wanted her to choose and by the end I finally had my answer. I hope that the next book plays out how I wish it would, but we all know that it isn't about what I want. 

4.5 STARS!! For keeping me on my toes. I had so many emotions about this book I still asking questions....


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