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Friday, July 12, 2013

Confused By Love By T.L. Messruther

Confused by Love 

Izzy was in a car accident, resulting in her quitting her job.Months later is ready to get back in the world of employment. A once in a life time job becomes available. Izzy is offered an interview, where she meets Donte. Donte is the big boss and it's almost love at first sight, Only Donte has a secret and has lots of difficult choices and obstacles for him to face.
 This one is about a runaway model to designer. Izzy suffered a horrible accident and after a lot of rehabilitation decides it's time to go back into the real world. The applies for a fashion designer position at D-M fashion one of the most popular fashion agencies around. Little does she know the instant atrraction she's going to feel when she comes face to face with Donte.

Donte is the owner and sexy as hell boss and owner of D-M Fashion. He is just as taken with Izzy as she is with him only problem is, Donte is very engaged. 

Izzy and Donte enter into having an affair that builds into so much more and find themselves falling in love. But, not everyone wants to see them happy and with each obsticle that stands in their way Izzy finds herself pulling back. I loved this book it was a true affair that people actually want to see happen. The characters were wonderful and I cannot wait for the next one. 4 Stars!
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