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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dark Brother Series by Bec Botefhur

Dark Passion (Dark Brother, #1)
It's not your typical happily ever after kind of book, it's dark, beautiful, dangerous and heart wrenching but who can resist a dark, hot, dangerous man? Consider yourself warned!! Willow didn’t have an easy life. Her Mother’s in a mental institution and her Father’s dead. When she finally feels like she’s moving on, darkness invades. Jagger is part of what Willow likes to consider a gang. When he captures her and reveals that her Father is alive and is holding vital information, everything she ever believed is turned upside down. Now she’s trapped, put in the middle of a gang war and being held captive by a dazzling and beautiful man. Jagger has the power to change everything she’s become, but he also has the power to destroy it… So what happens when Dark Passion ignites between them?'
What to say about this one? Whew...Their are plenty of fans praising Jagger right now!
Ok, So we have Willow who is this beautifully troubled girl. She thinks going out with a friend one night may just lead to some random hookup, but fate had something completely different in store for her. She meets a sexy mystery man and things go great until she wakes up as his prisoner.
Inters J-A-G-G-E-R...yes you've read it right. These are a group of men who don't think they are a gang, but a brotherhood. But the main squeeze in this romance/craziness is the main leader himself Jagger.
Willow has a hard time adjusting to her surrounding which who are you blaming when the girl had been taken from everything she has ever known and into a world of crime, secrets, and lust. Willow and Jagger grow close and even when shit doesn't go the way it should they are drawn together.
Bec botefuhr did an amazing job with this book and yes ladies there are two more books out now and one more to come! I believe there will be a book 4 sometime in July!
Dark Desire (Dark Brother, #2)Dark Endings (Dark Brother, #3)
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  1. OK so I've read the first 3 but I've heard nothing about a 4th! What???