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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Forgiveness: Alek & Rose By Amanda Keeney

Forgiveness: Alek & Rose (# 1) 

Alek and Rose had been best friends for years. They have also been in love with one another for just as long, without letting one another know. A night of celebrations turned out for the worst when Rose leaves without a trace. She is gone for just over a year with no contact with anyone, not even her best friend. No one knows why she left, except one man, who won’t tell anyone for fear of getting himself into more than one kind of trouble.
After losing something precious and undergoing a harsh recovery Rose has returned home to face her demons and finally acknowledge her feelings for Alek, through her loss she realized she needed to live life to the fullest. Her goal when she shows up to town is, to tell Alek the truth of what happened, admit how she feels, and hope that he feels the same way.

Escape into the emotional and turbulent world of Alek and Rose, in the first of four short stories by Author Amanda Keeney. Due to strong sexual content, this story is best enjoyed for those 18+.


This was quite the emotional short story. I didn't think you could put that much emotion into 55 pages, Amanda found a way to do it! 

Alek had been in love with Rose since they were kids. He has been broken hearted since the day she left a year ago and not returned. He finally gets his second chance at what he's always wanted when Rose mysteriously calls him one night. 

Rose took of after something truly horrible happened to her never to return to the town and man she's always loved. Now after a year of so much agony she returns to try to make amends and tell her side of the story.

I really enjoyed this rad and was so mad that it was over, because every page just kept getting better than the last. I kept trying to figure out what happened to Rose to make her break Alek's heart and you could tell that it was killing her to try to let it out. Alek was so in love with her and it was truly heart-wrenching to have to read Alek's emotions come to the forefront. I definitely give this 4 STARS for the Author's ability to capture and make you wish for more!


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