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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Incredible Dreams By S.E. Felida

(Cover is temporary will update soon)

 Leona, a woman in her late twenties who has been dreaming about a guy that she doesn’t know finally sees him in real live one day, but she doesn’t approach him out of bizarreness of the whole situation, just seeing him up close and personal made her second guess her own sanity.

When her two friends join her at the table of a terrace where she’s seated, the guy unfortunately had already disappeared into oblivious much too her regret, never the less she and her friends decide to sit there for a little while longer to see if they can catch a glimpse of the guy who’s been haunting Leona’s dreams, if he ever returns.

But he doesn’t, and that leaves her with such an aching feeling in her chest that she can’t seem to shake that feeling of missed opportunity off of her throughout the day, so when faith gives her another chance later on that night, she grabs it with both hands and jumps into a relationship with her dreamguy, neglecting all off the common sense that she might of had before meeting him.

Apart from being the guy who haunted her dreams for a long time, he turned out to be a dreamguy in real live too, except for the age difference that almost drifted them apart for reasons that she really didn’t want to explain to him at first, things were going great between the two them after they got over that bump in the road.

Things were going so great that it even seemed to wonderful to be true and like always it was, because while her life was going great, her best friend Naomi’ s wasn’t and after a while she finds herself in the middle of her best friend and her boyfriend.

For not wanting to choose between the two of them she and her other two best friends Alexandra and Alyssa decide to whisk Naomi away for a little holiday, hoping that after the four of them spend some quality time together things would go back to normal.

The holiday turns out to be a holiday from hell , and when Marcus Naomi’s current boyfriend follows them out there things get a little out of control between Naomi and her friends because of the way she treats them when he’s around and while they had Marcus figured out years ago, Naomi still remains clueless about his antics, even to the point of forgiving him for being the reason that she lost her first job six years ago.

Knowing what they know about him makes it hard for Leona for even wanting to be around him in the first place, and when he confesses something to her that she really wished he hadn’t Leona keeps finding it harder and harder to look her best friend in the eyes without feeling like the worst friend ever.

Leona has a dream about this mystery guy that she just can't get out of her head. Funny thing happens when she see's him across the street while eating at a cafe. Little does she know that not everything is by chance, and that when they do actually come together fate will intervene in ways nobody thought was possible.

Nate is a police officer on the hunt for his brother's killer and doesn't understand why the killer is always ahead of him at every turn. When he's with Leona everything for him feels like it just makes sense. He had things in his life that he doesn't want to deal with. 

When Leona and Nate are together it feels like something just wants to tear them apart; even though they have this amazing connection that keeps them steady together. Jealous men and women, friends, and old flames keep trying to ruin what was built between these two and I loved every second of it.

3.5 Stars!

 Releases August 14, 2013

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