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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Interview with Amanda Bennett Author of This Heart of Mine (Raine #3)

Toni: Welcome Amanda and thank you for joining me today on Promiscuous Book Blog...
Amanda:  Thanks so much for having me.
Toni:  So you just released the third and final installment in your Raine do you feel?
Amanda:  I feel happy, relieved and a little sad. It's an amazing feeling to finish a series that everyone, including myself, have loved so much. I'm also a little sad because I fell in love with these character, just like I do with all of mine, but these ones were my most favorite. It's going to be a little weird moving on from this series, but if feel like I gave them the best story possible.
Toni:  What did you get from this experience?
Amanda:  Honestly, I am humbled by all of the love and support that all my fans and you bloggers have shown me. This series was my growing period, I believe. So, I feel as though I've come out of this with a better understanding of myself as a writer.
Toni: Is there anything that you want to giveaway that happens in the book?
Amanda:  Ah, I would love to, but I don't want to ruin anything for anybody. I can say that I think people will love the end and how I wrapped up Kayla and Madison's story.
Toni:  What was your favorite scene to write in any of the three Raine series books?
Amanda:  I'd have to say the epilogue in book 3 has been my favorite scene to write. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of writing this series, but I think that's my favorite.
Toni:  Can we expect to hear from any of the other characters in the future that were in This Heart of Mine?
Amanda:  For now, I'd like to say no. I feel like I packed the story up nicely, with a pretty little bow on top. But I never say never :)
Toni:  What can we expect from you in the future? Any other works in the making?
Amanda: Right now I'm working on 2 different books. I have started a novella for the broken series called Unbreakable Hearts. I'm also writing a book called Faithless. It will be a full length stand alone novel, and it is going to be quite different from what I have been writing. It will touch on a lot of issues and be very emotional. I'm very excited about it, to say the least..Lol
Toni:  Thank you for joining me today and answering these questions from all your fans you really are a great writer and I hope to read more from you soon!
Amanda:  Thanks so much for having me. It was a blast. Lots of love

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