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Friday, July 12, 2013

Life For Rent By Emmie Lou Kates

Life for Rent 

 Beth is always running from love, life and relationships and yet another disastrous break up finds her in a little village in Cornwall. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy the quiet country life and continue her work as a freelance artist.
Liam was young free and single, enjoying the sun, surf and sex life to be found living in Cornwall, until tragedy strikes his family and he is left on his own trying to keep the family farm going.
Two lost souls not wanting to be saved until fate and a little Cornish magic steps in.


 Beth is a love em and leave em type of girl anytime one her lovers gets attached she bolts on to the next. That is until she moves to a village and meets Liam the closed off farmer whose been dealt a hurt of pain by losing everyone he's ever loved. 

Liam the once playboy surfer is a recluse who doesn't want to have any kind of fun and hasn't felt anything for anyone in a very long time, but there's just something about Beth that he can't let go.

This book has a bit of fantasy at parts, but besides that it's a modern day romance. I didn't like Beth at first because she was too stubborn to see what was in front of her, but Liam makes up for all of her downfalls. I gave this one 3.5 Stars! Very HEA!

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