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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Love Has A Name By S. Ann Cole

Love Has A Name (Billionaire Brothers, #2) 

Being the daughter of Vince Blacksille, proprietor of a multi-billion dollar armament company, Axia Blacksille is rich by default and holds control over everything and everyone around her. She’s her own woman, who has her own money, her own business, and stars her own show. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants, because her life is hers and no one else’s.

Control is hers. And, as she was taught by her famous, but dark, ex-boyfriend, she never, ever submits.

Until… Nah, there’s no ‘until’… is there?

When Axia inadvertently comes eye to eye with the illegally-handsome, cocky, womanizing, Internet billionaire Lovello Nelson, she doesn’t even bat an eyelash. Because if there’s one thing she hates, it’s pretty boys. Well, that’s her excuse…

But the slate-gray eyed billionaire, who has Love as a name, is determined to get the stubborn, dark-haired gym owner beneath him and under control.

To some extent, he succeeds, of course. The guy isn’t labeled a ‘genius’ for nothing.

But at the velocity which Axia and Lovello’s relationship takes off, there can only be one outcome: A heart-wrenching, yet beautiful, disaster.

I dunno even where to start with this review. I was up and down this whole book. There was always some drama around the corner, and plenty of angst not too far from that, as well. I appreciated the character growth in both Axia and Lovello.

Axia is a strong female, who owns her own business and doesn't need anything from anyone. She is the "B" in bitch, too. Due to her first love causing her an emotional and trust shut down to anyone who tries to get near her. One day while helping her best friend she happens to meet the natorious womanizer, Lovello. 

Lovello, isn't looking for love, but that's exactly what he finds once he embarks on trying to capture Axia's heart. He treats her so good that I just wanted to punch her sometimes. He changed so much for her, but he keeps getting a road block with her at every turn. I really liked that Lovello would quote from the bible at times in just the right scenarios. And my favorite line was, "I can be the sweetest guy on earth for you -every woman's dream. I can also be cruel, controlling, reckless, and insensitive - every woman's worst nightmare. And I can be both in one - a neat little combo. So take your pick of me, Axia: rare, medium rare, or well done?"

Definitely 5 Stars!

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