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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lyon's Crew by Jordan Silver

Lyon's Crew (The Lyon)
Colton Lyon is the tattooed, pierced leader of a bike crew, but there's a twist. Lyon comes from money, loads of it, so although he's a badass he does it with style. He plays hard and loves harder until the thirty two year old heart throb meets the young wounded friend of one of his crew members and the sparks begin to fly.
Well let's start off by saying this book is NOT for the faint hearted. There is seriously some down right get ur panties wet scenes in here. LOL!
Kat is a girl with a screwed up past. Some things happened to her 7 months ago that have forever changed her. She moved to be with her father and her best friend got her a job working for the MC pres himself Colton Lyon.
Colton is a real hard ass that doesn't know what to do with the girl who dresses like an 80 year old secretary, but with a lil push from his mother (hahaha) he finds the girl who seems destined for him.
With a little bit of a push Kat comes out of her shell and learns how to be the sexy lil vixen she once was. They have a great relationship and this book had me cracking up from beginning to finish. I absolutely give this one 4 stars just for the dialogue and angst. Oh don't let me forget there is a book 2 called Lyon's Angel.
Lyon's Angel (The Lyon, #2)
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