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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lyon's Way and Night Visits By Jordan Silver

Lyon's Way (The Lyon, #3)
Colton Lyon has just rescued his young lover, his Angel from the clutches of a madman; now all he need do is keep her out of trouble until he gets her to the altar.
Ahh, WELCOME BACK COLTON! We all love these books and every time Jordan Silver announces another one, we jump at the chance to get it!
This one is a short story of sorts. I you read Lyon's Angel than this is the story of what happened between when he rescued Kat from the psycho who kidnapped her to when she goes into labor. Basically any questions that anyone had after the last book.
I have to always say that I again am absolutely in love with Jordan's writing skills and characters. This book was a bit more serious in the writing department and in the series. You saw a side to Lyon that you haven't seen before, the controlling man is back it again and he's taking prisoners. I just keep wanting to go back and reread every last book because I can't seem to get enough.
5 more STARS to Jordan Silver for another exhilarating ride!
 Night Visits
He comes to me in the night; I don't know his name or what he looks like; just his scent, his feel, his touch.

Tamara is a young kindergarten school teacher who has moved to get away from a relationship that went south. She's barely settled into her new home when the visits from her night creeper begins. She knows it's wrong, she senses the danger; but she's never felt anything like this one man can make her feel.

This book is a bit on the Sci-fi side. It modern day so you don't even get into the Sci-fi part until later on in the book. Tamara is a Kindergarten teacher that happens to be quite the little freak. She has conversations with her Ahem Pussy. Yes! I said that. And there convos are ridiculously funny. I couldn't put this book down if I wanted to.
Donovan is the man who always comes to see her. He's been in love with her from afar and they are truly written to be soul mates. He's the part of the book that takes you into the whole Sci-fi aspect. He is human just kind of super-human. Learning about him and who he truly is didn't get weird for me at all and i'm not one to actually fall in love with any paranormal books.
As their relationship grows Tamara hits a big ass bump in the road. Yep, she gets preggers by Donovan and then whisked away to his home. Everything Tamara thought she knew gets completely changed and I loved every secret along the way.
I wouldn't change anything in this book if I wanted to it was absolutely all 4.5 STARS all the way. If you have a wonderful sense of humor than this book is just for you. I have no idea where Jordan comes up with this stuff!
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