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Monday, July 8, 2013

Men of Steel (#2) By MJ Fields

Men of Steel (Book 1)
(Not the Original Cover will update when available)
As we all know how the novella of Men of Steel book 1 ended with Carly going back to California and Jase staying in New Jersey.
I promised not to throw you guys in teasers since I got an super advanced copy so i'll do my best to give you all the goodies!
Carly and Jase have been working on their relationship for two months and thus is how the story begins. There was a lot of background  info on Carly and her mother and yes everyone the book club was there too! You see how their mother daughter relationship is and how truly special they are to one another. Jase gets to interact with them too.
Jase is still the same except for he truly loves Carly, but boy did I wanna punch him in the face quite a few times. I was like "wtf just happened?". There are more players involved in this book as well and some secrets that will bring you to your knees. I had quite the few outbursts reading this one. I can honestly tell you all that MJ did a great job and threw in some funny ass moments between Carly and the Steel boys too! 5 STARS!!!! Can't wait to catch up with the other brothers too!
Coming out JULY 15th!!!
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