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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Midnight Caller By NJ Cole

Midnight Caller
Rebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open. That is, until a mysterious man calls to tell her that he is watching. Her fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for this stranger, following his instructions over the phone while he watches from afar. Rebecca’s world is turned upside down when finally they meet and she enters into a D/s relationship with her Midnight Caller.
This is a paranormal romance. It's not completely paranormal though seeing as it's based in the here and now the only things that let you know that are when Sir talks to his family and friends or has thought about his heritage called the Bocaj.
Bec is a human woman whom likes to please herself nightly (wink wink) and Sir has been watching her for quite sometime. One night he's had enough and picks up the phone to call her and thus starts their BDSM relationship.
I found the characters quite entertaining and enjoyed the book very much I swear my ipad was attached to my hand while I fell asleep. LOL. I don't usually go for Paranormal, but this one was so worth it. I didn't get that creepy vibe of aliens and humans mating so it was quite enjoyable. I give this 4 stars because it kept me guessing...the end is HEA, but as I told NJ Cole earlier it leaves you wishing you could have more because their relationship is very heartening.
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