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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ruined By You By Kelly Harper

Ruined By You (Maggie & Haden, #1)
Can one summer change your life?

Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts. And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls, TX with her mother's family. She was annoyed when her mother announced the change of plans at the last moment, but as she reconnects with her cousin Sarah, she realizes a summer away might be exactly what she needs.

Maggie decides to find a summer job to keep herself occupied, and to help pay for college. She is ecstatic when Scottie gives her a job at a local watering hole, The Hill Country Saloon, to find a band to headline the annual Battle of the Bands competition.

One night, Maggie meets sexy and mysterious Haden, and he agrees to help her find a band for the competition. As Maggie and Haden work side by side, secrets are unleashed that make Maggie question everything she thought she knew about Haden, and the reason for her summer in Green Falls.
Secrets, so powerful, that her life may never be the same.
Maggie and her mom go to Texas for the summer before Maggie Is due to start college in the city. She is caught of guard by the sudden need to go back to the home she left so many years ago. When they stop for gas she has her first glimpse of Haden and can't get him out of her head.
Maggie and Haden keep having run-ins when she first gets to town until a job brings them together.
Maggie is a closed off girl when it comes to the opposite sex even though everyone tells her she's beautiful she refuses to see what they think of her. She has been hurt by one of the most important people in her life and that had forever left damage that she doesn't seem to want repaired.
Haden sets his sight on Maggie and stops at nothing to just try to get to know her, but he has a secret that he's running from, too. They find themselves falling in love and just when everything is going right those secrets they both have bring everything they've built crashing down.
Kelly Harper did a really good job showing how a teenage romance is built and the insecurities of a girl who just needs to open herself up and grow. This isn't your typical rock romance, but I have a feeling book 2 is going to bring us into a world of stardom! 5 stars because I can't wait to get my hands on the second book. Due to release July 25th!
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