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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hi everyone, 

         My name is Toni and I have been reviewing books for awhile now. NO I was not asked to do so, but I have received plenty of messages saying I have helped people want to read certain books. So I thought...hey why not just start a blog...right? So here I am. My taste in books is all over the place so if you follow this blog your looking to get a little of everything! I try to keep up with all the new releases' that come up on any where from AMAZON to Smashwords. If there is ever anything I might miss or you would like me to check out please feel free to let me know!

Every review I give does not have to agree with anyone who may have a different opinion I'm just here to try to let everyone know what's out there. I love reading in my free time so this is just the beginning....! 

Hope you all enjoy!

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