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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inked: The Novel by Everly Drummond

Inked: The Novel
Almost five years have passed, five long years since the one and only steamy night they spent together, five years without a single phone call or email.

Not a day goes by that Brody Duncan doesn’t think about what might have been. His heart still aches for The One That Got Away and he can’t help but wonder why Avery never called him back.

Having recently completed her Master’s Degree at Harvard University, Avery Carmichael is ready to move forward with the next chapter of her life, one that doesn’t include Brody, but a chance encounter at a local coffee house has left her mind reeling and her life in a complete tailspin. Whatever hope she’d secretly harboured for reconciliation—however unrealistic and misguided it may be—has vanished into thin air.

Brody’s married!

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and as much as Avery wishes she could change the past, she can’t. Now she is forced to face the consequences of her actions and say goodbye to Brody forever. But when Brody shows up at her door unannounced and explains that he is in the middle of a divorce, that his wife is his soon-to-be ex wife, they are once again thrown into each other’s arms, and each other’s beds.
Lured by passion and fueled by love, Avery and Brody are drawn to each other just as they were almost five years ago, but will secrets and a soon-to-be ex wife destroy their one and only chance at happiness?
Well, we all met Avery and Brody in Inked: The Novella and that shit was scorching with off-the-wall sex. I mean damn near gave me an orgasm just reading a few words. So, now we're back to find out what exactly happened to them after their weekend together. Little do we all know that it's 5 years later.
Avery just happens to run into Brody at a coffee shop and as you wish they would say "the rest is history", but nope not gonna happen. Since their weekend of lust Brody has moved on and gotten married and Avery is going back to school to finish up her degree.
Avery has been keeping a secret that not even I would of seen coming, but I was so pissed at her for it. Brody is devastated and for good reason. he's been in love with her forever and she kind of acts like she doesn't care which all the more reason to slap her. Good for us Brody fans that 1. he's getting a divorce and 2. he's not giving Avery up this time.
We learn what happened for Brody to move on and what happened for Avery to not give him a chance. they still have the sex scenes that make you want to cry, but it goes so much deeper than that this time around. I found Avery extremely selfish through most of the book. But, when all was said and done Brody was always there to make me feel better.
4.5 STARS!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on the next two books, YES I said it NEXT TWO BOOKS has been confirmed by the Author. Everly took a novella and gave her fans (ME :-)) what we asked for!!!
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Fixer Of Deceit By Alyson Raynes

Fixer of Deceit 

Between going to school and seeking a new job, Brooke decides to take control of her life once and for all. That's when she realizes the man she's been living with for the past eleven years isn't who she thought he was.

Just when things couldn't get any worse she's forced to call upon a stranger for help.

Can Dylan save Brooke from her broken past or does he have secrets of his own that will destroy them before they even get started?

This story is meant for readers 18 years of age and over.

Novella, approximately 31,000 words


I really fell in love with this book. I know it's a novella of what's to come, but it again was one of those books I kept turning to page hoping that it wasn't over! LOL! I hate when that happens.

So, Brooke Is going through some things at home with her boyfriend Stefan, I honestly felt like their relationship was B/S and wanted Brooke to just let  it go. She's a funny, bright, beautiful girl that needs to know her worth. She had the craziest thoughts going through her head, cracked me up more than once. She of course goes to an interview and meets Dylan Prescott. The orgasm to anyone's dreams.

Dylan, well, how do I describe him? F'n HOT doesn't seem to do him justice! He's arrogant, and alpha male, oh so charming makes you wish you could just jump into the book. I liked how their relationship progressed and I wish I had more time to really get a good feel for them. Because I know for a fact that the things to come in the next book are going to 100 times hotter than the chemistry they shared in this book.

4.5 STARS!! The secrets, the cliff-hanger, the sex oh my oh my! I cannot wait for the full length novel!!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mirage By Ashley Suzanne


Mira and Kylee meet Danny and Skylar during freshman orientation, their first week of college. Two sets of best friends embark on a new adventure together, forming life long bonds.
Mira and Danny are looking forward to their future as husband and wife. Everything was going according to plan. That was until tragedy struck them on graduation night leaving three broken people to pick up the pieces.
Skylar has always stood in the background, watching his best friend begin a life with the woman he fell in love with until he can no longer keep a distance.
Right when Mira thinks her life is back on track it spirals out of control. What if everything you thought you knew was nothing more than a mirage.


Wow! I am so confused, sad, elated, and just shell-shocked at this story. I was not expecting that ending after falling in love with this couple.

OK..OK.. Ugh I hate not being able to give you all more. But, hopefully this review will suffice.

Mira is engaged to Danny who was involved in a horrific accident, while trying to fix her broken heart she gets closer to Skylar, Danny's best friend. Skylar has always had a thing for Mira, but as bro-code goes and all he's never made his intentions known. He was quietly in the background going though his own heartbreak while watching his best friend and the girl he wishes was his fall in love. It's not until Mira's world is falling apart that Skylar steps up to try to help her move on, but trying to respectful of his friendship and her feelings at the same time.

I absolutely felt horrible for Skylar, to be in love with your best friend's girl and have to watch day in and out and try to act like it's okay. I mean love can be so cruel. the friendship he and Mira already had blooms into a very beautiful thing that I was damn near in tears over. She lets herself start to heal and he holds her hand the whole way. 

The guilt Mira felt at being the one who lived, and then her blossoming feeling for Skylar are so emotional and hard to deal with that you have to put yourself in her shoes and think "what's she gonna do?"
I felt like i was watching the beginning to a very HEA. But, all good things come to an end when you least expect it. And, the curve-ball Ashley threw at me sent me way over the edge. I had to ask myself "WAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!" I felt a bit cheated, LOL! But it was a wonderful ride, experience, and I CANNOT wait until Book 2.

Absolutely 5 STARS!!! Ashley can only got up from here and the next book i can already picture me needing to get my tissues.


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Author Interview With Jordan Silver

Promiscuous Book Blog: Where did the idea of Taking What He Wants come

Jordan: One of the freaks that lives inside my head

Promiscuous Book Blog: Is there anymore to the story? Will there be
another book for this couple?

Jordan: I hadn't planned on it but I have some demanding fans
who see room for more so who knows.

Promiscuous Book Blog: You’ve written a lot of novels, which one is your
favorite thus far?

Jordan: That's tough I love all of my characters but if I'm
forced to choose I would have to say the Lyon series.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Where do you come up with the ideas to do your

Jordan: Like I said one of the freaks that lives inside my head
gets an idea and I'm just the poor slob that gets dragged
into typing it up.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Is there a reason you write a lot of BDSM in your

Jordan: Because the freaks that live in my head are really
freaky, no joke.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Everything I read from you is seriously funny, is
the a persona you give to your characters that’s really

Jordan: Well seeing as how they all live inside my head I'm
guessing a large percentage of them comes from me but
some of that stuff I have no clue, whips and chains and

Promiscuous Book Blog: What’s in the works for you now?

Jordan: I'm working on a series called The Wives, it's about a
man with three wives who all live together, yum.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Upcoming release dates?

Jordan: I think the first book of the new series The Wives will
be out before you post this, I'm aiming for September 1st

Promiscuous Book Blog: You came out and said you have a pen name
Jasmine Starr, what’s in the works for her?

Jordan: Well apparently the freakiest freak in there decided
she/he was too badass for Jordan Silver so she came up
with her own name and everything else, now I have to
take care of multiple accounts and whatnot but whatever,
what's in the works for Jasmine Starr? Jasmine's into
master slave pet BDSM stuff, she likes that hair pulling I
own this type of stuff right now she has three separate
series she's working on. His Purrfect pet series of which
three books have already been published, then The Wayward Wife, The Reluctant Slave, and The
Master to name a few.

Cover Reveal Fraternizing By CC Brown


Sometimes rules must be broken.

Sometimes your beliefs are challenged.

Other times... you just have to follow your heart.

For Marine Corps Sgt. Alex Cruz, the Corps' rules and regulations have served as a blueprint for how he should live his life. In his mind, the way to maintaining proper conduct and order relied heavily on the ability of the individual to follow orders without question. Alex was that individual.


Pfc. Cassie Bennett.

She is brand new to the Corps, looking to cement a place in the world for herself after breaking free from the oppressive life she's lived with her mother. Making it in the Corps is her way of showing her mother that she is more than she thinks she is, while also proving to herself she can survive one of life's biggest challenges.

Both Alex and Cassie are tested when an intensely strong attraction develops between them. They feel it, they want it, but one thing stands in their way... The Marine Corps order on Fraternizing. Their lust filled thoughts, their strong and aching cravings for one another, and their conflicted minds lead them on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings that neither can ignore, no matter how hard they try.

Loyalties will be tested, hearts will be broken, and careers will hang in the balance. Can Alex and Cassie keep their forbidden relationship a secret, or will they lose it all by Fraternizing?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Love ( Love Series #1) By MJ Fields

Product Details 

New Adult / College / Erotic/ Coming of Age
Tessa Ross tries to fight her attraction to bad boy Lucas Links. He is hot, arrogant, and has a sexual past that most boys his age could only dream of, (If they even knew they could dream of such things).
Lucas, the star quarterback seems to have it all, super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who literally stop just to watch him walk by. On the outside he appears to have it all.
Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right to make everyone else happy. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family and everyone around her.
Is Tessa as innocent as she appears? Is Lucas just a spoiled young man who seems to have what every male, and female want?
Book one of four in the newly edited Love series.


Oh man! I do not know where to even start with this series! I have done a few reviews for MJ before, but this one has to be by far the most complicated one. Ok ok, this series was the first of her books, as you all know she takes her characters on a journey from one series to the next, so you may have read about Tessa the main lead in this book in Wrapped already, but she was years older in that one. 

Well the Love Series, starts off with Tessa at the age of 17 and in her Senior year of high school. She meets the male lead to the Series Lucas, while out with her cousin one day.

Now, I want to go on and on about everything that happens, but since this is the only book available right now, i'll stick to this one first.

Tessa is your all around good girl, the virgin, the sweetheart, the popular girl every man wants. Yep! That's her, not very typical since she's also a farm girl who has just recently grown into her body which makes her a knock out. Lucas' school closed down so he is now the starting QB at Tessa's school and the all around hot boy you want to sink your teeth into! But, along with bringing his football skills he's also brought his ex-girlfriends and all of his conquests. So, when poor miss Tessa starts a relationship with Lucas she gets all the backlash as well.

Tessa opens up Lucas' heart to love and friendship that he's so desperately needed and they find a love that one could only which for at their age. But, when you think they have it all figured out, everything they thought they shared comes crashing down. Lucas, broke my heart more than once in this book. I loved him then I didn't. He made dumb discussions that I wish Tessa would of just let him go over. She gets hurt over and over, but I just couldn't put the book down. I just had to figure out what would happen next. 

The book gives a heart-breaking cliff hanger. But, it's so worth it to find out what will happen next.

5 STARS all around. MJ went above and beyond with her story development, characters, and a love that you love to hate and hate to love. Truthfully heart wrenching, but I promise it was all very much worth it by the time the Series is done.


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lover's Unchained: Curse Of The Dark Witch (Book 1) By Siren Allen

Lovers Unchained (Curse of the Dark Witch Book #1) 

A Cursed Demon
Twenty years ago Jude made a huge mistake resulting in him and four of his best friends being cursed by the Dark Witch. For twenty years he has searched for his mate-the only being able to break the curse placed upon him. Until he finds her he will not be able to release the pent up sexual energy that is driving him insane. On his journey to find his mate he is captured and held prisoner by Lana, a vicious vampiress.

A Sex Crazed Vampiress
Lana is intrigued by Jude's ability to resist making love to her. She doesn't know of the curse placed upon him years ago. No matter how hard she tries to seduce him she always fails. His life means nothing to her and she is ready to end his existence, but first she must know what prevents him from succumbing to her seduction. She wonders if it's her or if Jude is like this with all women. To test her theory Lana places one of her female prisoners, Carissa, and Jude together. To her dismay, sparks ignite between the two captives.

A Witch on a Mission
Carissa is searching for her friend who is rumored to have been captured my Lana and her men. She doesn’t plan on finding love but she can’t resist the attraction she feels for her fellow captive, Jude. She senses the desire raging through him and yearns to ease the tension coursing through his muscled body. However, their lust for one another angers Lana and can only lead to one thing…death for both her and Jude.

Now that Jude has found his mate he must get them both to safety before Lana destroys them.

Will Jude lose his mate so soon after finding her or will they escape Lana's wrath and form a bond so strong nothing and no one can break it?

 I'm not usually one to like anything paranormal, but I think I've finally broadened my horizon. I found this jewel in the rough and enjoyed it quite well.

Jude and his friends had a curse placed on them a very very long time ago to where they are basically horny all the time, and the curse cannot be broken unless they find their mates. Yes, I found the blurb a little so-so, but this book anything BUT that. I really enjoyed it. It's not too long nor too short, kind of like that perfect read.

Jude and Carissa meet in the most unconventional of ways; which is with Jude tied down to Lana's bed while Carissa rubs his body down with oil. LOL. Yes! I told you it's good. Their feel for each other automatically puts Jude aware to the presence that his other-half is near, but he can't see her. Carissa doesn't know any better and thinks its just a physical attraction that she's feeling. Reading what they were going through, their thoughts, their hidden passion that couldn't show to anyone or else facing punishment, was extremely exciting. I couldn't get enough.

When the book was over. I was like "What? Really? Come on!!" Ha...yes, that's how much I started getting into it. I want more of this series so I'm giving it 4 STARS!!!


Release Date: August 15,  2013


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Unlocked (The Alpha Group Book 3) By Maya Cross Blitz!!!

Unlocked (The Alpha Group, #3)


The breathtaking conclusion to the USA Today best selling Alpha Group Series.

Who is Sebastian Lock?

The heart can lead you to dangerous places. Abandoned by the man she loves, with nothing more than sweet words and riddles for an explanation, Sophia Pearce felt like her life was crumbling before her eyes. And then they came for her. Now, things will never be the same.

Confronted with the truth about Sebastian’s identity, she’s thrust into a high stakes world beyond anything she could have imagined. A world that threatens much more than just her feelings. Sebastian’s enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they want her.

Their passion for one another consumes them, but as the danger mounts, and loyalties are tested, Sophia must answer one simple question. What is she willing to risk for love?

This book is approximately 54,000 words long, or about 200 printed pages. It contains erotic content and a dominant man who always gets what he wants in the bedroom. It is intended for readers aged 18 and over.


                                  Excerpt (Note: Text may change a little before publication)

I hadn’t expected Sophia to sleep at all, not after what she’d been through. Trauma like that can ruin a person. But somehow she’d drifted off. I had no idea where she found the strength to be that tough. She never ceased to amaze me.

For a while I lay there trying to get some rest myself, but the events of the last two days had thrown my whole world into chaos. It was all happening again. The fact that I’d averted the worst didn’t make the situation any better. I was an asshole. I should never have let it get to this point, but I was weak, and it had nearly cost the woman I love her life. How the hell could I sleep knowing that?
To make matters worse, even now I was still incapable of staying away. She was as secure here as anywhere, but the moment she’d left my sight I began to feel agitated. I still hadn’t managed to shed the mindless terror that had seized me when I first heard she’d been taken. The urge to go to her, to simply hold her and never let go, had been almost overpowering.

I’d tried to distract myself. There was certainly no shortage of work to be done — most of my colleagues were holed up together in the board room, planning things until well into the night — but I was useless there. My mind only wanted to focus on one thing, and soon I found myself propped up against the wall outside her room, nursing several fingers of scotch in a heavy crystal tumbler. I didn’t know why, but just being close to her helped. I made myself vow not to enter. It had taken an immense level of control to cut her off the first time, and every moment in her presence stretched my willpower just a little more. I would keep her safe and solve all this, and then when it was all over, I’d let her go again. It was the only way.

But the moment I heard her sobbing through the door, all sense of self-control fled. Before I knew it, I was on my feet, and then in her bed. I expected her to fight, after all, I had to be the last person she wanted to see, but she didn’t. Instead she just burrowed into me without a word. I hated how perfect that felt, the way her body fit like a missing puzzle piece against mine. I still didn’t understand how such simple contact could make me so damn content, but it did.

And now she slept. I couldn’t help but run my eyes over her again. Truth be told, I’d barely been able to stop staring since the moment I entered the room. She looked so fucking beautiful lying there, her face utterly peaceful, her curves perfectly accentuated by the thin cotton sheet. She’d taken the T-shirt I left her, but not the pants, and now in the throws of sleep she’d managed to knock part of the cover free, exposing one delicate hip. It was a tiny thing, the barest hint of pale skin and black cloth, but the sight took my breath away nonetheless. I felt impossibly low ogling her after everything I’d put her through, but I was powerless to do anything else. Her body was like a drug, a burning rush through my system that was impossible to ignore. I knew how that hip would feel if only I’d reach out and touch it. I had every inch of her body charted in my head; so perfectly soft, so perfectly feminine.

Fuck. I had to pull myself together.

Ripping my gaze free, I eased my arm out from under her. I’d done what I came to do. She was resting. There was no reason for me to stay.

She stirred briefly, and I came within a hair’s breadth of pulling her back against me once more, but after a few moments she settled. Taking one last look, I moved quietly out into the corridor and resumed my watch. I’d be there if she needed me, but anything beyond that was too hard. There was no happy ending here, and letting myself think otherwise would only destroy me more.


Links to Other Books in the Series

Locked (The Alpha Group Book One):
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Lockout (The Alpha Group Book Two):
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Author Bio

Maya Cross is a writer who enjoys making people blush. Growing up with a mother who worked in a book store, she read a lot from a very young age, and soon enough picked up a pen of her own. She’s tried her hands at a whole variety of genres including horror, science fiction, and fantasy, but funnily enough, it was the sexy stuff that stuck. She has now started this pen name as an outlet for her spicier thoughts (they were starting to overflow). She likes her heroes strong but mysterious, her encounters sizzling, and her characters true to life.

She believes in writing familiar narratives told with a twist, so most of her stories will feel comfortable, but hopefully a little unique. Whatever genre she's writing, finding a fascinating concept is the first, and most important step.

The Alpha Group is her first attempt at erotic romance.

When she's not writing, she's playing tennis, trawling her home town of Sydney for new inspiration, and drinking too much coffee.

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