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Monday, August 26, 2013

Author Interview With Jordan Silver

Promiscuous Book Blog: Where did the idea of Taking What He Wants come

Jordan: One of the freaks that lives inside my head

Promiscuous Book Blog: Is there anymore to the story? Will there be
another book for this couple?

Jordan: I hadn't planned on it but I have some demanding fans
who see room for more so who knows.

Promiscuous Book Blog: You’ve written a lot of novels, which one is your
favorite thus far?

Jordan: That's tough I love all of my characters but if I'm
forced to choose I would have to say the Lyon series.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Where do you come up with the ideas to do your

Jordan: Like I said one of the freaks that lives inside my head
gets an idea and I'm just the poor slob that gets dragged
into typing it up.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Is there a reason you write a lot of BDSM in your

Jordan: Because the freaks that live in my head are really
freaky, no joke.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Everything I read from you is seriously funny, is
the a persona you give to your characters that’s really

Jordan: Well seeing as how they all live inside my head I'm
guessing a large percentage of them comes from me but
some of that stuff I have no clue, whips and chains and

Promiscuous Book Blog: What’s in the works for you now?

Jordan: I'm working on a series called The Wives, it's about a
man with three wives who all live together, yum.

Promiscuous Book Blog: Upcoming release dates?

Jordan: I think the first book of the new series The Wives will
be out before you post this, I'm aiming for September 1st

Promiscuous Book Blog: You came out and said you have a pen name
Jasmine Starr, what’s in the works for her?

Jordan: Well apparently the freakiest freak in there decided
she/he was too badass for Jordan Silver so she came up
with her own name and everything else, now I have to
take care of multiple accounts and whatnot but whatever,
what's in the works for Jasmine Starr? Jasmine's into
master slave pet BDSM stuff, she likes that hair pulling I
own this type of stuff right now she has three separate
series she's working on. His Purrfect pet series of which
three books have already been published, then The Wayward Wife, The Reluctant Slave, and The
Master to name a few.


  1. So freaking love this author, thank you for posting her interview I can't wait for more.. Yeah I saw the reference to her demanding fans I resemble that remark.. Keep em coming...

  2. I love this author and all her books. I have read all but two and I can't get enough of them.

  3. I have only purchased the longer reads from this author but every singly one I have read I have loved! I cannot wait for more novel length books:D

  4. I love this author, everything that comes from her amazing mind is so freaking fabulous!

  5. I love everything she writes...She is amazing.