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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Love ( Love Series #1) By MJ Fields

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New Adult / College / Erotic/ Coming of Age
Tessa Ross tries to fight her attraction to bad boy Lucas Links. He is hot, arrogant, and has a sexual past that most boys his age could only dream of, (If they even knew they could dream of such things).
Lucas, the star quarterback seems to have it all, super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who literally stop just to watch him walk by. On the outside he appears to have it all.
Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right to make everyone else happy. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family and everyone around her.
Is Tessa as innocent as she appears? Is Lucas just a spoiled young man who seems to have what every male, and female want?
Book one of four in the newly edited Love series.


Oh man! I do not know where to even start with this series! I have done a few reviews for MJ before, but this one has to be by far the most complicated one. Ok ok, this series was the first of her books, as you all know she takes her characters on a journey from one series to the next, so you may have read about Tessa the main lead in this book in Wrapped already, but she was years older in that one. 

Well the Love Series, starts off with Tessa at the age of 17 and in her Senior year of high school. She meets the male lead to the Series Lucas, while out with her cousin one day.

Now, I want to go on and on about everything that happens, but since this is the only book available right now, i'll stick to this one first.

Tessa is your all around good girl, the virgin, the sweetheart, the popular girl every man wants. Yep! That's her, not very typical since she's also a farm girl who has just recently grown into her body which makes her a knock out. Lucas' school closed down so he is now the starting QB at Tessa's school and the all around hot boy you want to sink your teeth into! But, along with bringing his football skills he's also brought his ex-girlfriends and all of his conquests. So, when poor miss Tessa starts a relationship with Lucas she gets all the backlash as well.

Tessa opens up Lucas' heart to love and friendship that he's so desperately needed and they find a love that one could only which for at their age. But, when you think they have it all figured out, everything they thought they shared comes crashing down. Lucas, broke my heart more than once in this book. I loved him then I didn't. He made dumb discussions that I wish Tessa would of just let him go over. She gets hurt over and over, but I just couldn't put the book down. I just had to figure out what would happen next. 

The book gives a heart-breaking cliff hanger. But, it's so worth it to find out what will happen next.

5 STARS all around. MJ went above and beyond with her story development, characters, and a love that you love to hate and hate to love. Truthfully heart wrenching, but I promise it was all very much worth it by the time the Series is done.


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