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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inked: The Novel by Everly Drummond

Inked: The Novel
Almost five years have passed, five long years since the one and only steamy night they spent together, five years without a single phone call or email.

Not a day goes by that Brody Duncan doesn’t think about what might have been. His heart still aches for The One That Got Away and he can’t help but wonder why Avery never called him back.

Having recently completed her Master’s Degree at Harvard University, Avery Carmichael is ready to move forward with the next chapter of her life, one that doesn’t include Brody, but a chance encounter at a local coffee house has left her mind reeling and her life in a complete tailspin. Whatever hope she’d secretly harboured for reconciliation—however unrealistic and misguided it may be—has vanished into thin air.

Brody’s married!

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and as much as Avery wishes she could change the past, she can’t. Now she is forced to face the consequences of her actions and say goodbye to Brody forever. But when Brody shows up at her door unannounced and explains that he is in the middle of a divorce, that his wife is his soon-to-be ex wife, they are once again thrown into each other’s arms, and each other’s beds.
Lured by passion and fueled by love, Avery and Brody are drawn to each other just as they were almost five years ago, but will secrets and a soon-to-be ex wife destroy their one and only chance at happiness?
Well, we all met Avery and Brody in Inked: The Novella and that shit was scorching with off-the-wall sex. I mean damn near gave me an orgasm just reading a few words. So, now we're back to find out what exactly happened to them after their weekend together. Little do we all know that it's 5 years later.
Avery just happens to run into Brody at a coffee shop and as you wish they would say "the rest is history", but nope not gonna happen. Since their weekend of lust Brody has moved on and gotten married and Avery is going back to school to finish up her degree.
Avery has been keeping a secret that not even I would of seen coming, but I was so pissed at her for it. Brody is devastated and for good reason. he's been in love with her forever and she kind of acts like she doesn't care which all the more reason to slap her. Good for us Brody fans that 1. he's getting a divorce and 2. he's not giving Avery up this time.
We learn what happened for Brody to move on and what happened for Avery to not give him a chance. they still have the sex scenes that make you want to cry, but it goes so much deeper than that this time around. I found Avery extremely selfish through most of the book. But, when all was said and done Brody was always there to make me feel better.
4.5 STARS!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on the next two books, YES I said it NEXT TWO BOOKS has been confirmed by the Author. Everly took a novella and gave her fans (ME :-)) what we asked for!!!
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