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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Locked (The Alpha Group #1) By Maya Cross

Locked (The Alpha Group, #1) 

Who is Sebastian Lock?

The bar Sophia Pearce is in doesn’t look like much. The wine is bad and the decor worse. But when a sudden attack of curiosity leads her to sneak past security and into the back room, she discovers something unimaginable. The most lavish party she’s ever laid eyes on, in the most unlikely of places.

But that’s nothing compared to what comes next, to the man she meets back there. Sebastian Lock. Gorgeous, commanding, and radiating charm, he is exactly the sort of silver-tongued rake Sophia has sworn to avoid. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care much for her promises.

Every instinct tells her to run, but the chemistry between them is as inescapable as gravity. Soon, he’s opening her eyes to a whole new world of pleasures, pleasures she never thought she’d enjoy.

There’s just one problem. Sebastian is more than he seems. Between the famous company he keeps and the almost paranoid secrecy of his employers, he’s a puzzle Sophia can’t quite solve, and his insistence on keeping things casual forces her to confront the demons of her past.

Can she learn to trust again? Or will Sebastian’s privacy tear them apart?


Wow! Talk about an Alpha Male! Whew. Sebastian became my new book boyfriend from the point where Sophia is stuck in Sebastian's office closet watching him spank his secretary. Lol.

Sophia is a nosey little thing that happens to step upon a world full of rich bachelors, government officials, and celebrities. Out at a bar with her friends she wants to step outside her comfort zone and take a chance at what could be beyond the double doors. That's how she stumbles upon Mr. Lock himself. Sexy, with the charm to make you swoon. He finds her funny and lets her believe that she wasn't noticed by sneaking into their club.

Sebastian starts a game to try to bring Sophia out of her comfort zone and embrace a darker side of sex, where there's only one in control. This book was beyond entertaining with the right amount of naughty. I think I may have blushed a time or two, but then took a drink of wine and told myself "let's read that again!". I was left felling heart broken by the end of the book though. Sebastian Lock is an enigma and has something he's hiding behind that tough exterior. 

5 STARS, because the books just get better and better! The mystery continues to unfold in LockOut.


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