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Friday, August 9, 2013

Wrapped In Silk (Wrapped #1) By MJ Fields

Emma finds herself separated and on the verge of divorce. A single mother to London, her seven year old daughter. Emma is faced with moving on and starting new.

While London is on a visit with her father Emma visits a college room mate a publicist in New York City and literally runs into Brody Hines a British Rockstar. Emma finds herself attracted to him immediately and does not realize who he is.

Left in fates hands the two meet again and he knows he has to have her.

 Oh My Brody Hines! Whew! I didn't know what to expect when I started this series, because it's a rock star book you know? But, man I wish I could slap myself now!

Emma is going through a divorce and has an 7 yr old little girl who means the world to her. She's been heart broken by her husbands infidelities so she's not looking for any kind of romance, she just wants to move on with her life and make best of her given situation.

Brody is going through a divorce due to his own wife's affairs. He's tired of the public being in his business so he just wants something that that cannot know or touch. He comes off as an ass hole after a harmless run-in with Emma (literally) gets splashed all over the front page news. Thus starts their relationship. LOL.

Yes, Emma and Brody kind of fall in love in about 2 weeks from their first encounter and sparks begin to fly from there. They go through press, ex's, and heart ache before the find anything close to resembling their HEA. But, right when you think they might be one step closer another road block pops up in their way. There were so many times I wanted to grab Emma and say "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!" She was so afraid of being hurt she almost lost Brody one too many times. And Brody O.M.G. he is a dominant male if that even comes close to describing him. I loved how he protected her from any kind of pain she had coming her way, and his Relationship with London was out of this world. If I could of chosen a book boyfriend as I father he would definitely be my choice!

Absolutely 5 STARS, because once you read the first book it only gets better from there. Secrets from the past, kidnappings, etc. oh my oh my! Your not going to want to put this down!


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