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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catch Me If You Can By Jordan Silver Teaser

Catch Me If You Can
A new Suspense Thriller Series by Jordan Silver

 "Listen they're putting someone new on you, of course I've not been privy to the details but Adrien let it slip so I could give you a heads up."
"Who is it this time another profiler, those fucks still profiling my ass?"
"Nah I think they've pretty much figured out that you're mentally fucked already."
"So...who is it, anyone I might know?"
"Nope, she's a newbie, Cierra Stone."
"A chick they're putting a chick on me? What did I come down on the most wanted list or some shit who knocked me off?"
"Nah you still reign supreme but she's supposedly the best mind they've seen in twenty years."
"At least that's something; I still warrant the best."
"You're sick you know that!"
"So what does she look like?"
"Dog I don't know I just caught a glimpse of her freshman picture, she's young; still got that Quantico shine on her fresh off the farm."
"What's Durant thinking putting a little dove like that on me? He knows I'll eat her ass for breakfast, unless they've upped their game; she got great legs?"
"I already told you jackass, I don't know what she looks like she hasn't landed yet, sometime in the next few days she'll be here, anyway that's all I've got so far I'll keep you in the loop if I learn anything else I gotta go bro catch you later."
"Hey Jaxx...sorry."
"Don't start that shit again Hank."
"I can't, I know they're holding you back because of your association with me..."
"And I told you before I don't care about that."
"But if you severed ties..."
"Fuck it Hank no, not gonna happen, we may not share blood but we're brothers and we're going to stay brothers."
"Yes I understand but it's holding you back."
"I didn't join the bureau to sit behind a desk and pander to bureaucrats, I like being out in the field so if they think they're punishing me then the jokes on them, family's family, they don't like my family, fuck them."
"Speaking of which how are my little sister and my niece and nephews?"
"The little terrors are running around driving us crazy and Sabra's hanging in there."
"I have to come by, I got some new shit for the boys."
"Oh no you don't, you're not bringing over any new gifts until I vet them first."
"What, what'd I do?"
"What did you do, drum sets? You  gave a three and a four-year-old drum sets, the fuck you think has been going on in my house?"
I laughed my ass off, "Get outta here, I'll be by sometime this week, I think lil Jeff said he wanted a python."
"I'll fucking kill you you do that shit bro, I'll be doing the bureau a favor."
"I'll tell ma you said that shit."
"Mean, just dog mean."
"Later lil brother."
"Later Hank."
  Fucking FBI, those fucks stay on me like a lion on a rhino's ass, one of these days they're gonna piss me the fuck off and I'll give their bitch asses something to cry about, dumb fucks.
I opened up my laptop and typed in the series of numbers needed to get me into their data base undetected, these fucks were so busy hounding my every step that they'd left their left flank unprotected.
"There she is, fuck me....come to daddy."

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