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Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Conversations By Sibylla Matilde

Little Conversations 

Eighteen-year-old Devin McKay is a complete and total emotional wreck. Fresh out of high school and on her own for the first time in her life, she’s reeling from rejection of a relationship gone very, very bad. Emotionally battered and tormented by the pull of her narcissistic first love, she wants to make a clean break in a small mountain town where he is everywhere... with his new girlfriend.

Ronin Andrews is still battling his own cataclysmic ghosts. He recoils from anything heartfelt, choosing instead to work hard and live wild. Outside of his job, parties and causal hooks-ups are his life until Devin walks in. With her short skirt and her sad green eyes, he can’t help but want her… badly. His protective streak wants to provide her with a haven, to shelter and sustain her.

Through a flash of torrid intensity, they struggle to be friends... just friends. She relies on him to nourish her shattered soul and shield her heart from the clawing, gnawing loss that has consumed her. Before long, the attraction proves too tenacious, and the passion between them becomes undeniable. But will the shadows of the past prove too much to overcome?


Umm, You have got to have some type of empathy and understanding when going into this book, believe me, it's worth the read, but....lemme just get y'all into this review.

Devin is 18 yrs old and lives on her own. She just graduated from high school and is waiting for the summer to be over so she can go to college. She is a very shy, but beautiful girl who has been brought down by her ex-boyfriend, so she has no idea of her self-worth. I got so  mad at her throughout this whole book because even though i'm a female and I HAVE made the same mistakes with putting up with an ex-boyfriend who was a total douche, I still wanted her to wake up! There were many times I just screamed into the screen "NO NO NO, DONT DO IT!!" and "GIRL YOUR DUMB" was like living through a flashback. I know a lot of people hate book where the female is stuck in a limbo of not being able to fall out of love with the wrong guy, but this story was a perfect example to every girls world of the wrong type of love.

R-O-N-I-N!!! WHEW WEEEE!!! Sexy and ohhh so sweet Ronin. He's perfect. The guy trully is Dev's hero throughout the whole book. He always has her back and I SWEAR if Devin wasn't gonna tap that, I would of rewrote the whole book so that I COULD! :-) Ronin, has had his own heart ache so he understands completely what Dev is going through and all he wants to do is help her see herself for the gorgeous person she is and stop depressing herself over a guy who doesn't deserve her.

I loved reading bot Devin and Ronin's POVs and learning what they both are feeling as the story progresses. I also loved hoe Sibylla took her time to let the friendship between Dev and Ronin grow into something that turns out to be a beautiful thing. I was upset that this story had to end, but so happy I got a chance to experience this book.

4.5 STARS!!!


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