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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shattered And Shaken By J. Bailes

Shattered and Shaken (Shaken, #1)
Allie Anderson has encountered more heartache than any one person deserves to experience. She's lost her father to cancer, her brother to war, and the love of her life-Wyatt, took her most prized possession and vanished without notice. Wyatt once held Allie's heart in the palm of his hand-he crushed it.

Blake, Allie's best friend turned lover is everything she needs; he'd give her the moon if she asked for it, but there's one problem-he wants Allie entirely.How can Allie give herself to Blake when she's not sure there's a her to give away? Allie's heart is like a puzzle that's unfinished and missing pieces-it's impossible to put together.

After being MIA the last four years, Wyatt returns home. Allie's forced to make a decision on who she wants or who she believes she needs. No matter who she chooses someone will be devastated.

Allie's life begins to fall into place, her heart begins to heal, and happy is no longer a foreign emotion-until she's betrayed by the two people she trusted most.

Her heart's left shattered into a million pieces, how much pain can one person tolerate? Is her heart permanently damaged? Hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will never be the same.

Omg! Amazeballs! This one is going to be a homerun for this new Indie Author. I was just completely engrossed into this book from the start. There is so much I wish I could just tell you. Well, let's go ahead and get to the good stuff.
Allie, what to say?, She's been through the ringer that's for sure, I mean WOW she is a strong girls that has dealt with so much loss, I wanted to be the one to reach into the book and just give the girl a hug. I wanted all her pain to just end. One incident after another has brought her to her breaking point. I didn't know that there was even more hurt that would dug up throughout this book. And, I NEVER expected the biggest secret.
Blake, oh-my-lord, BLAKE! Can you order one of him to-go? I damn sure would! Ok, he's one of Allie's best friend and I guess you can say they have always had a thing for each other, but all that changes one night when Allie finally come out the house. I mean I think I fell in love with him at first word. Sigh**, but he's not your typical sexy god, NO, he's so much more and has been through heartbreak just as she has, and will not except Allie to give him anything less than all of her.
Their relationship doesn't just take off like some of you may be thinking, yes they have been best friends for a long time, but with love in the air you have to just sit back and enjoy the climax, opps, I mean ride. Wink** They have a few troubles and with Allie's already fragile heart Blake has to extra careful.
Now, ugh, Wyatt, sexy bad boy Wyatt, do I love him? Ehh. Do I hate him? No. He's a part of Allie that you have to except. I have no love lost for him, I understand where he's coming from with Allie, but I don't know, ugh... I just want Allie to be happy and after learning of their past; you will come to see why you probably hate him when you find out what happened to their relationship, then when he explains you will feel like it was all a miss understanding, then when they interact you are going to want to hump his leg, THEN (lol) by the end of the book you're going to most likely hate him again.
All-in-all I LOVED this book, and Julie couldn't have done a better job. Its heart breaking, sexy as hell, and a complete myriad of emotions that you just have to want more of. I cannot wait for the world to see this one. Oh!!!...shh...there are two more books in this series. Hahaha.
5 STARS!!! 
Releases September 25, 2013
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