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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Through It All By Ashley Beale

Through It All
Landon Hastings has lived a life of luxury.
When he starts to question things in his life, he leans on Sawyer Wexler, the new girl in school that intrigues him.

Neither of them can deny their feelings for one another, yet they don't push in trying to go too fast.
Sawyer has a past that still haunts her, and Landon has a future that he has worked his whole life for.

Can they accept the things they cannot change and push through the obstacles in their lives?
And is it worth it?
I have to say there are NOT enough high school romances for Adults, I mean, why not? I'm soooo happy that Ashley wrote one that we can relate to that gives us just the right amount of sexy.
Landon is the hot starting QB for his high school , he's been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 3 years and he's every girls high school fantasy. The perfect boyfriend as well if I do say so myself. ;-)
One day while with his best friend in the cafeteria he lays his eyes on the new girl Sawyer. He can't break the feeling of needing to protect her, but little does he know that this girl needs no protection.
Sawyer is a girl that's been through a world of trouble. I wouldn't have guessed what her past was like by the way she acts, but this girl I a total bad ass! I loved her! She doesn't take any shit and she loves her friends with everything she has. Her little brother is her world and reason for breathing too.
This book is in Landon's POV, which I absolutely loved.  It's about time we get books in the males perceptive, there's not enough of those either. Anywho...So Landon and Sawyer become friends until one night where everything Landon thought he knew is nut kicked to the Yes! It's that bad. But, don't feel sorry for him because he and Sawyer take their friendship to a whole other level that has you just salivating by the mouth. There's threats, secrets, and a love that I wish I had in high school to get you through this story. Landon makes mistakes, Sawyer keeps her distance, until they just can't help, but be together.
Ashley did a fantastic job with this book and took you completely away from her other series she's writing so you get appreciate her as an author even more. I CANNOT wait to get more from her!
4.5 STARS!!!

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