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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking Elle By Antoinette Candela

Breaking Elle
How is it that the one person who you have avoided is the same person who could give you true happiness?

When Elle Bennett meets Reed Austin she can't deny the attraction. She discovers that certain people come into your life who make you question everything that you've ever believed about love and life. Will she risk everything for something exciting and dangerous or will she choose what is familiar and secure?

Reed Austin isn't looking for love when he moves to Boston. The distance was supposed to help him escape the trouble he left behind. Once he meets, Elle, everything changes. Reed can't figure out why he's drawn to Elle, but one thing is certain - he needs her.

Passion. Betrayal. Solace. Confusion. Desperation.

Love and life are not simple and emotions and relationships are tested. Will attraction be enough or will their secrets and past keep them apart?
This book has been on TBR for months now and I finally got the chance to read it, and to say it was worth the wait doesn't seem to cover all the things that happened in this book.
Elle Bennett, how should I describe this girl? Broken, but trying to make her family history not repeat itself? Sad, but trying to make her current relationship work? I don't know. Elle is a beautiful girl that every man takes notice to, but she isn't looking for anything at the moment because she's been with her boyfriend Cane for two years. Elle's family has been through a great deal of heart ache so I can fully understand her resistance at wanting and moving forward with her relationship with Cane, but at the same time she's trying not to let what her parents went through bring her down. I was proud of her for being honest with herself and knowing that just because it happened to her mom doesn't mean she has to be the same. But, when her world falls apart the one person she has uncontrollable urge to want to be around is there for her.
Reed Austin is typical playboy who is in Boston for the Summer. He has secrets that are so far out of reach that I was just hanging on page by page waiting to see what they were. He has wanted Elle ever since he saw he at the bar and even though she has a boyfriend he can't get his mind off of her. When Elle goes through heartbreak he makes sure he's in the position to make sure he actually has a chance to be with her. Even though there are some things that are just waiting to break them apart.
Elle and Reed take their relationship quickly after the first interaction, but OH SO SEXY times that I wanted to read forever. Elle's best friend Tyler, is also a main character, and by the looks of it he's not backing down. He wants Elle and is just waiting for her to want him back. I can't necessarily say that I would even want them together, not because I don't love Reed, but because after Elle repeatedly said she didn't think of him like that it would just feel to forced on her part, and they have a friendship that should last, not be tainted.
By the end of this book my head was spinning, my heart was breaking, and I was soooo mad at, who? I didn't really know who to blame. Signals were mixed, messages were wrongly received, and people were left doing stupid shit that would changes their lives. Antoinette did an amazing job on this book and I cannot wait for the sequel, YES if you didn't read that right, there is soo much more to come out of Elle and Reed's story, and I for one can only hope that Elle doesn't mess this up.
4.5 STARS!!
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