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Friday, October 4, 2013

Hyde (Hyde #1) By Lauren Stewart

Hyde (Hyde, #1)
To survive, they must embrace what they most despise . . . in themselves and each other.

Mitch Turner is everything women want most in a man—charismatic, successful, drop-dead gorgeous. Except he’s not a man—he’s a monster.

The only way Mitch can protect others from his monstrous side is to stop them from getting too close…that and a 7x7 foot cage. Isolated by his genetic curse, he spends his life hurting people emotionally, driving them away before Hyde can harm them physically. But, after a night of the best sex Mitch has ever had, he realizes that might be impossible. Except the woman he was with claims she doesn’t remember any of it.

Eden Colfax is everything men want most, men other than Mitch, that is. She’s kind, honest to a fault and sickeningly sweet. To rid herself of the monsters that haunted her broken childhood, Eden doesn’t lie, doesn’t curse, and definitely never wakes up naked in strangers’ beds…until the day she does.

Then the flashbacks start—places she’s never been, people she’s never met, blood she’s never spilled. She discovers she’s split into two parts—the woman she thought she knew and another who is capable of anything. And the only person with any answers is the one man she never wants to see again.

What neither of them know is that someone is watching them both, manipulating them, determined to see just how evil the two of them really are. And when the truth begins to seep through the cracks, leaving them nowhere to turn but each other, they will be forced into a partnership neither had expected.

Because in life, who you trust is as important as who you are. And when you can’t even trust yourself, sometimes the only person you can rely on is the last person on Earth you should be falling for.

*** An Urban Fantasy novel intended for adults only, as it includes lots of cursing, descriptive sex, biting sarcasm, and themes similar to those in Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, from which this story was inspired.
Well, let me just say I'm beginning to hooked on all things paranormal. Every time I get a hold of these books I'm starting to lose my shit. LOL. Ok, so when I spoke with Lauren she warned me this wasn't my typical paranormal. This is so much more. Mystery, sexy, and an alpha male that I had to laugh my ass off about. So lets get to it.
Mitch Turner has dark secrets that he knew were coming to come to fruition since he was a teenager, but what he didn't expect was to have a girl he had a one night stand with to turn his world upside down. Mitch is an A-Grade ass hole in the very sense of the word. But, I loved him! He has no filter and what you see is basically what you get (or is it?). He's just lost his older sister to murder and blames himself for the deed. Who really did it? He remembers the blood, but what happened before waking up? He has an assistant Jolie, now that bitch is a sneaky one. Always there at the right times and obviously a bit jealous over stuff that has nothing to do with her. but, she has been there for Mitch for like 16 years so they have a bond that Jolie thinks is suppose to mean more.
Eden Colfax is a walking contradiction, she doesn't lie, doesn't have sex, and definitely doesn't do drugs, BUT her alter ego definitely does. LOL. Yes, enter Chastity! LOVE HER the little freak. This girl likes it hard and loves to be bent over! YES!!! Told you complete contradiction. She comes to play every 4 days and this Chastity loves her some Mitch. So much that poor little Eden had no idea how she keeps ending up back at his doorstep. Eden's best friend Carter is in love with her and has his own secrets that will eventually ruin there friendship if he doesn't come clean. For someone who's supposedly in love with Eden he has a funny way on doing it.
 Eden and Mitch start a pseudo-friendship in order to help Eden figure out what's going on with herself, she only remembers little glimpses every time Chastity comes out to play and Eden is very scared. Mitch can't help the sudden connection he has for her or why he even cares about her. But, him bringing himself to love Eden causes epic disasters that Mitch has been avoiding all along. I love this book and I cannot wait to finish this series because the cliff-hanger iat the end of this first book, left a lot of open questions that I really want the answers to.
4.5 STARS!!!!
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