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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Other C-Word (Other Words #1) By MK Schiller

The Other C-Word  

Can she overcome her consuming desire for him? Can he make her comfortable with the other C-word…commitment?

Marley Mason is dreading the arrival of the new business consultant. After all, this man will most likely outsource her job to China. The last thing she would expect is a case of mistaken identity, leading to false accusations of kidnapping when she attempts to pick up the wrong man at the airport, or worse…that she would have such a visceral reaction to the right man.

Rick Randy is super sexy, scandalously flirty and perfect masturbation material, but a relationship is out of the question. Rick is contracted on a temporary basis to fix Marley’s ailing company, then pull out, although as he expresses to Marley, pulling out is difficult for him, in more ways than one! Marley’s feelings range from utter confusion to intense contemplation as Rick charms his way into her life. All of those C-words Marley can control, but it’s the other C-word she fears—commitment.


Well, from the cover of this book, i was thinking naught all the way, but MK gave me so much more then just a sexy time. She gave the characters depth and made it funny as hell, too.

Marley Mason is a (pretty) tomboy through and through. She prefers being comfortable over heels any day, but when an unexpected request comes to her one morning from her boss, she gets thrown into  feminine beauty by her sister and noticed, by one sexy man at the airport. Only, the man isn't someone she should be wanting. Rick Randy!

Rick Randy is the consultant who has been hired to help the company Marley works for from going under, and after a very indecent introduction he hires Marley to be his assistant, while he's in town.

Their business relationship turns into friendship, which turns into sex with rules. Marley had a past that has made her not willing to commit to anyone. I loved how their friendship took off and they had some shits and giggles on their way to find themselves in love. YES!! you get your HEA, but, please DO NOT skip a step in order to get there!

4.5 STARS!!!


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