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Friday, November 1, 2013

Desired Affiction 2 By C.A. Harms Blog Tour

Desired Affliction 2
Lexi and Kole's story continues...

Lexi Suffered a tramatic experience at the end of her senior year of high school. After she spiral's out of control and becomes someone she never thought she would she makes a choice. She was starting over she would no longer be the girl she had become. Sometimes saying that is easier than actually follwing through.

Kole the guy she loved even when she was twelve once again appears in her life and he refuses to walk away.
They struggle and fall. They love and they hate...but their story continues.
They grow and learn to handle life together. The roller coaster continues as they must face past demons and long lost loves.
Continue their story and find out just why Kole feared relationships.
Find the truths behind a lot of the turmoil they have both suffered.

After reading book one Desired Affliction, I was automatically intrigued and couldn't wait to read the second, and now I'm so glad I did....

Lexi went through a horrible ordeal with someone she thought she could trust in book one, and luckily by the end of of the book justice was served. that doesn't mean her demons are gone though. Especially when old pasts creep up at the wrong time in her and Kole's lives. I hated that they had to deal with even more bull shit, but that's what made this book so great, I had to keep reading and cheering the couple on because an HEA is definitely what they deserved. Lexi has to face her past head on in order to come out on the other side, but her love for Kole could break her in worst ways possible after everything that's happened.

Kole is still our sexy strong man, that guy melts my heart with all the things he's willing to do in order to keep Lexi. In book one he came off as a complete ass hole right when you needed him to be the good guy. He made mistakes and luckily they worked through them because book two is a complete 180 from who he once was. He fights for her, he loves her, and he will NOT let anyone stand in his way of happiness. We learn why he turned into such a hoe in book one and his own past comes back into the surface of his relationship with Lexi.

This book kept me wanting more and it gave me every part of what it meant to fall in love over and over again. I still want more from this couple even after they FINALLY received their happy ending. C.A. gave us multiple POVs and it was wonderful learning what each character was going through at certain points of this book. I hope you all go try this one because you will not be disappointed.

4.5 STARS!!!

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