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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heat (Black Inferno #1) By K.T. Fisher


18+ with sex scenes M/F/M AND F/F

Lacey and Roxie have been best friends and live together in an apartment in Los Angeles. Lacey and Roxie may be best friends but over the past few years they have gotten even closer, giving each other comfort and relief when they have no other.

On Lacey's birthday Roxie decides to take her out to their favourite night club, with their two friends Ria and Paige. It's not long until the girls are drunk and having a good night. Roxie and Lacey dance on one of the mini stages, dancing like they've done many times before. They catch the attention of two men but these aren't just ordinary men, they're rock stars, looking for a good night without their rock star label.

Cole and Mason are brothers and are both in the rock band, Black Inferno. Cole is the lead singer and Mason the lead guitarist. His little brother Mason has been begging for a regular night out. Mason has never been a fan of the groupies and after parties and Cole finally takes pity on his brother and agrees to his night out. Cole realizes that he too is fed up with the after party life, the drugs and easy women are boring. While the band is in L.A they find a night club where they are sure none of their fans go and hope they can have a good night without being recognized.

It's in this night club where all four meet. Cole spots the gorgeous brunette dancing on the stage and immediately wants her. Lacey can't take her eyes from the dark and dangerous looking stranger. They all go back to the girls apartment, Cole and Mason discover just how close the best friends can be which leads to an interesting night. Lacey and Roxie have no idea that the guys are from the famous rock band, Black Inferno. To them they are just two gorgeous and tattooed men they met in the club.

Cole and Lacey find themselves drawn to each other, Lacey is scared at how fast she is falling for this new man in her life. Cole keeps his rock star profile from Lacey, he feels bad for lying but he's scared that if he tells her it could ruin what they seem to have. The truth will always come out but can Lacey handle the truth and can she forgive Cole when she finds out who Cole really is? Does her love for him make her look over his lies?


Rocker Romance....what else needs to be said? LOL...I L-O-V-E these books! But, I was pointed to Heat for its hottness and I must say "well hello Miss Fisher" lol...

Lacey is freaking AWESOME for a character, this girl has no filter and goes no holds bar with how she lives her life. She's not afraid of expressing her sexual side and even when that includes her best friend/roommate Roxie. I mean hot damn those two have some hot moments. But, Lacey has her eyes set on one man after a night at the club.....

Cole is the lead singer in Black Inferno and he's tired of the groupies, drugs, and no relationship. After Mason, Cole's little bro, talks him into going to a club he finds Lacey and can;t seem to stay away, even though Cole can't always be around he never stops contact with Lacey and after one weekend his feeling for the insufferable girl start into grow into something more.  

Cole and Lacey have an awesome arrangement that I was praying turned into more and by the time it did i wanted to punch Cole, not because he's a douche or cheater, but because he was hiding a secret, not one that should actually tear them apart, but one that can turn into a slap in the face to Lacey. I was on the edge of my kindle for a lot of there little scenes it's seriously "light a cigarette after your done reading the pages" hot, lol. Hell, i may have even taken a shot or three ;-). 

4 STARS!!! 


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