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Monday, December 2, 2013

Infinite Desire (Savannah #4) By Danielle Jamie Blog Tour

Infinite Desire (Savannah, #4)
Over the last several months, Savannah’s life has been a never-ending roller coaster ride. Every time Savannah sees the light at the end of the tunnel and her world stops spinning, another obstacle is thrown in her path. Kayden had always been her rock, the constant in her life over the most difficult months of her life. A story leaked, making Savannah doubt everything including Kayden’s love. Leaving their fate hanging in the balance, she ran. But after learning the truth, Savannah set out to correct her wrongs and win Kayden back.

Will Kayden put the past behind them, and focus on the future they could have together? Or will Savannah be heartbroken and all alone again? Savannah thought their love was infinite and indestructible. After everything they’ve been through, how can they wade through the past and believe in their love? Will Savannah and Kayden get their happily every after, or will the past jeopardize their future?

Only a special kind of love can survive the trials and tribulations life tosses in your way. Is Kayden and Savannah’s love strong enough to make it through the strongest of storms? Only time will tell.
Ok, wow, well I had the pleasure of beat reading for Danielle so I may be a bit biased, but damn this story ended sooooo good. A perfect put away to a series that everyone was on edge for....
Well, after all the shit Savannah and kayden have had to endure, it obviously doesn't stop there. Right at the beginning of the book I felt the tension from both sides of this couple. I had to stop and think "NO she wouldn't not let them be happy, right?" LOL. yes, Danielle took us there before we even had a chance to adjust from how the last book ended. I just wanted to lock Savannah and Kayden in a room and say "listen get your shit together!!" There was a major rift, is all I can say.
But, as the story progressed I found myself loving this couple all over again. Kayden with his dirty mouth and love for Savannah, no one can deny that man loves her for all he's worth. And then, Savannah, my sweet southern girl, she's the perfect freak to the dashing child to the country music duo. I love her and her strength to get through anything that comes their way. Her as a woman is a breath of fresh air to read her character. She's nobody's bitch and can play with the boys with the best of them, but her heart is also as good a gold, even when she finds herself in sticky situations.
We FINALLY get the ending we were all hoping for with double the trouble! YES! Loved it! There happily ever after does have its downs though, and what a twist that one had me in. I was like "Oh shit, NO!!" but, everything good comes to those who wait. Loved this series and it's definitely a re-read for me!
Deleted Scenes:
Deleted Scene Jax and Rebecca
Infinite Desire
I don’t know if it’s all the alcohol I’ve consumed tonight but every time Jax gets near me I feel my entire body react to his nearness. I have a good buzz going between the few sips of apple pie moonshine Mya got me to drink, and then all the beer I’ve had from the keg. It’s the only logical reason.
I mean he was with Brooklyn, I know they weren’t serious, but still, its girl code…never sleep with someone your friends been with.
God. I really need to keep my distance from him. We’ve been playing beer pong for the last hour and every time he looks at me with that freaking melt-your-panties right the fuck off smile, I swear my knees go weak. I made the mistake of becoming overly excited when we whooped Mya and Braxton a few minutes ago, and jumped into Jax’s arms squealing like a freaking teenager at a Justin Beiber concert.
The second his arms wrapped around my body, I felt myself melt into him. I took a long inhale of the cologne on his t-shirt, it’s the most masculine, intoxicating scent. The instant our eyes connected as I giggled uncontrollably with excitement my entire body felt an electric charge shoot through it prickling my skin.
I immediately snapped out of my Jax enchantment and jumped out of his arms, making a b-line for the keg. I downed my entire solo cup in record time before returning to the beer pong table to play against Savannah and Kayden.
This beach is full of gorgeous single men, hell they don’t breed them better than they do in Texas. I’m used to seeing overly skinny wannabe rockers in LA, or more feminine than me model types who are more into themselves then anything.
Down here you have real men, who don’t wear jeans that look like they stole them out of my closet and for a date take you four-wheeling, rather than to the mall to get a frickin’ mani-pedi with you.
The sexy Southern drawl is a plus too; there is just something about a man with an accent, which brings me back to Jax. Damn, he is hot, funny, has the sexiest Australian accent that makes me tingle all over when I hear him talk, and then his delicious muscles covered with tattoos make him just downright irresistible. There’s something about a guy with a gun, the whole knight in shining armor thing is a huge turn on.
I just have to push those thoughts away. Focus on finding a sexy Southern boy here, who can show me a good time. Jax is OFF LIMITS.
I’ve tried to chat it up with a few different guys tonight, but I’m not feeling that overwhelming attraction to any of them. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop my eyes from roaming over to Jax. I know he’s feeling the pull between us because I keep spotting him watching me too.
Feeling the need to get away from this the entire situation before I do something I’ll regret, I excuse myself and let Savannah know I’m heading to the guest room I’m staying in.
Making my way onto the deck, I glance over the railing one more time before heading inside. Jax is taking a long pull from his bottle of beer as he’s nodding to something Kayden and Dixon are saying. Feeling my eyes on him, he drags his gaze from them up towards the house and his eyes land on me.
I quickly spin around and maneuver through people hanging out up on the deck and make my way into the house. As soon as I make it to the second level I stop in the hallway and rest against the wall. I relish in the peace and quiet.
My head is spinning as I lay against the wall with my eyes closed, I’ve drank way more than I normally do and I’m definitely feeling it.
I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, assuming it’s just someone heading up here to use the upstairs bathroom, I pay no attention.
“Rebecca…” I hear my name in that all too familiar Aussie accent. I snap my eyes open to find Jax standing in front of me. His eyes are glazed over, but the fire burning in them is impossible to miss.
He slowly drags his tongue over his bottom lip as he slides his eyes over my face as he waits for me to respond.
I let out a shaky breath as I clamp my teeth down on my lip. God I want him more than I’ve ever wanted another man. Why does he have to be so freaking hot. My body is aching everywhere for his touch, it’s as if I’m a moth and he’s the flame. No matter how hard I try, I can’t fight it. I’m drawn to the flame.
I know I’m bound to get burned, but I just can’t turn away.
“Hey…” Is all I can manage to say at the moment; my mind is distracted, it’s too busy daydreaming about Jax fucking me against this wall to form a coherent sentence.
He takes another step closer, setting a hand against the wall beside my head, with his face only inches from mine. “This is crazy. I don’t know why but I just had to follow ya up here.” His breath is hot and smells of whiskey and beer. I can’t take my eyes off of those lips. All I can think about is his lips on my body. The ache between my legs is almost unbearable.
“We can’t do this…Brooklyn…” I stammer out as I try to convince myself more than Jax. “Fuck it!” Throwing caution to the wind, I throw my arms around his neck, cupping the back of his head and pull his mouth to mine. It’s like the fourth of July mixed with Christmas as his lips collide with mine.
My head is swimming and it’s no longer because of the alcohol. No it’s all because of Jax. If he fucks anything like he kisses, the regret I’ll be feeling in the morning will be so fucking worth it!
I moan into his mouth as he presses his body against mine pinning me against the wall. I’m completely lost in the moment I forget we’re in the middle of the hallway.
Sliding his hand into my hair, Jax deepens the kiss slipping his tongue into my mouth. He caresses the roof of my mouth, as he eagerly fucks my mouth with his tongue. It feels like a thousand tiny butterflies fluttering against my skin as his kiss causes my entire body to react to his touch.
I can feel his hardening cock through his jeans pressing against me; I slide one hand slowly down his chest working my way to his pants. I cup his erection and rub it through his jeans, the sounds he’s making against my lips is like an aphrodisiac.
“Come to my room.” I murmur against his lips.
Not having to ask him twice, he wraps his arms around me and bouncing against the walls, never removing our lips from one another’s, we make our way to my door.
Before I can process what’s happening we’re bursting through the door, Jax kicks it shut, as he slams me against the door. Within seconds my tee is being pulled over my head, and he’s trailing kisses down my neck working a fiery path to my breasts.
Feeling as if my body is being possessed I tear at his shirt needing to remove it so I can see every inch of him.
“I have never wanted someone as badly as I want you right now.” Jax whispers against my skin as he works his mouth across my collar bone.
Sliding my fingers into his hair, I press my lips against his ear, “Then what are you waiting for.”
With those words Jax doesn’t hold back, we’re both completely naked, consumed in darkness, “Wrap your legs around me.” He husks as he grips my hips lifting me in the air.
Doing as told I quickly snake my legs around his waist, hooking my feet together tightly behind him. Pressing my against the door, he slams into me, his cock filling me, the feeling of it sliding in and out is absolutely overwhelming. I scream out in ecstasy, “Ohhhh God!” as he fucks me against the door.
The only sounds we hear is the music traveling through the open windows and the short sharp breaths and moans as Jax pushes me to towards climax.
“Fuck baby…” He hisses against my shoulder as he grips my ass, his fingers biting into my skin.
I can feel him getting close to finishing as his cock hardens and his girth expands he picks up his pace, each thrust is a delicious concoction of his pubic bone stimulating my clit, and his cock slamming against my g-spot.
Tossing my head back I slam it against the door with force, and tighten my legs around him, as one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced rips through my body.
Cupping the back of my neck, Jax presses his lips to mine. My body goes numb and my skin tingles, as our tongues tangle together. I moan into his mouth, as he thrusts his hips into me forcefully groaning against my lips climaxing along with me.
Looking at the clock I see it’s almost ten in the morning. My entire body aches and my head is pounding. Rolling over I stare at the spot where Jax was just a few short hours ago. After last night my mind is a mess. I have so many thoughts running through my head right now, it’s only making my hangover worse.
Jax was like the energizer bunny last night, with all that alcohol in his system, he was able to rock me with three more orgasms before sneaking out to his room. The ache I felt in my chest as he slipped out the door was unlike anything I’ve felt in a very long time.
It scared the shit out of me.
I cannot fall for Jax. No way in hell. It will only cause trouble; I cherish my friendship with Brooklyn way too much to risk losing it over a guy. It hurts like hell knowing I can never be with Jax, but there is just no possible way.
I doubt he would want to be with me anyways. I more than likely was a means to an end for him. I helped heal some wounds he has from Brooklyn stomping on his heart when she eloped with Dixon.
I could shoot myself right now, I was stupid and had unprotected sex with Jax. I’m on birth control, but that’s not a one hundred percent guarantee. So I never risk it, I always make the guy I’m with use a condom.
Even my ex I was with for two years, never once had sex without protection. I can’t risk getting pregnant. I will not bring a child into this world without being married first. I will not allow my baby to grow up in a split home like I have.
Climbing out of bed, I head into the bathroom. Glancing in the mirror I gasp at my reflection. I look like shit!
 “Thank God!” I mumble under my breath as I spot a bottle of Advil in the medicine cabinet. I pop two into my mouth and wash them down. I hope they start working fast because my head feels like a marching band is marching inside of it.
 Starting the shower, I quickly get to work washing my hair and body. After twenty minutes, I’m showered, dressed and sprinting down the stairs. Everyone’s still asleep thank god. Spotting the keys to Brooklyn’s jeep, I grab them and quickly jot a note letting her know I borrowed it to run to the store quick.
Climbing into her jeep, I crank up the stereo and get lost in Imagine Dragon’s song, Radioactive. I sing along with the words and try to ignore the images of Jax and me last night.
After a quick stop at the pharmacy a weight lifts off of my shoulders. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so I picked up Plan-B. I will not take a chance of getting knocked up after a one night stand.
I swing by Dunn Bros and grab Savannah, Brooklyn and I iced coffees, and head back to the house.
I fly back to LA tonight thank god, because I don’t know if I can handle being around Jax. I pray things between Jax and I stay the way they were, and our hook-up last night doesn’t make things weird between us especially since we’re in the wedding together.
I have to go home focus on work, do something, anything to get him out of my head. It’s going to be hard, but it has to be done.

Deleted Scene Brooklyn and Dixon
Infinite Desire
Taking my hand into his Dixon leads me down the corridor of the hotel. “Wasted or not, they’ll give me a tattoo, don’t you worry babe.”
I can’t help but laugh as I shake my head at the drunken fool pulling me towards the tattoo shop in Knox’s hotel. I thought he was joking when he said he wanted to get a tattoo.
My eyes keep lingering on our entwined fingers that are now dawning cheap gold wedding bands. I still cannot believe we just eloped. I have a picture in my clutch of us with an Elvis impersonator that married us. That will definitely be a conversation starter when people spot it on my mantel.
“You sure you won’t regret this wonderful idea in the morning?” I ask as we stop in front of the twenty-four hour tattoo parlor.
Flashing me a cocky grin, Dixon tugs on my hand causing me to crash into his rock solid chest. I rest my hand against his shoulder as I steady myself, with all the shots I took, I am surprised I can even catch myself and not fall flat on my ass.
Slipping his hand into my hair, he cups the side of my face, and pulls me in for a quick kiss. “Believe me darlin’ there is nothing about tonight I’ll ever regret.”
I can’t help but become giddy as he says those words to me. Never in a million years did I think I’d be Mrs. Dixon Beaumont. I thought just a few weeks ago we were done for good. I was over being just a bed buddy to him, I wanted more and he didn’t. Then all of a sudden he was texting me saying he missed me. Now look at us, eloping in Vegas.
I need to tell Jax, but that can wait until the morning. He’ll understand, it’s not like we were serious or anything. We were just friends who hooked up time to time, he’s known since day one, I’ve wanted Dixon. I never met a guy who consumed my every thought like Dixon has.
I just hope once we both sober up nothing changes, because nothing is worse than getting a taste of what you’ve dreamt of to just have it vanish before your eyes.
Holding my cell up I snap a picture of Dixon lying down with his arm above his head as the tattoo artist Skit, I really hope that isn’t his real name, is working on is new ink.
I still can’t believe he’s tattooing my name on his arm. Kayden is going to have a field day with this after Dixon busted Kayden’s balls the entire plane ride home from the Bahamas for tattooing Savannah’s name on his ribs.
“How’s it lookin’?” Dixon asks dragging his gaze from me to his arm.
Climbing off of the stool, I make my way over beside Dixon and observe the tattoo, it looks pretty bad ass. “It’s turning out really awesome babe. I love it!” Leaning down I kiss him before going back to watching Skit finish the detailing around my name.
“It sure hurts like a mother fucker…” Dixon says between clenched teeth as Skit fills in the swirls around my name.
He did Brooklyn in a cursive font, with really interesting swirl like details around it. It’s a work of art on his arm. I can’t wait to show it off with him tomorrow to everyone.
Reaching into his jeans Dixon pulls out his chrome flask, “Nothing like some Jack to numb the pain.” He laughs and flashes me a cocky grin as he holds it up to me. “Can ya help me out babe?”
Rolling my eyes, I take the flask and twist the top off for him, “I don’t know how you’re not numb already I think you drank an entire bottle of tequila back at the club!”
He takes a long swig from the flask, “Ahhh.” He says as he slaps his lips together, and slowly drags his tongue over them licking the remaining whiskey off. “It takes a whole lot more than that to make me numb baby. As soon as this tattoos done, we’re heading up to the suite to consummate our marriage…hell maybe we can do that on the way up to the suite.”
Skit sure is finding this conversation interesting, he slides his gaze from Dixon’s tattoo up to me before focusing back on the tattoo, “So I take it you two got married? Let me guess, by a guy dressed up like Elvis?”
Dixon lets out a loud chuckle, “Yup! Damn it’s the best fuckin’ idea ever. It was a spur of the moment thing, but shit, it beats dealing with all that crazy ass weddin’ plannin’ shit!”
Wow. Isn’t he just romantic?
Biting back a smile, I run my hand over Dixon’s arm, “You’re right Dixon, Savannah and Kayden should save themselves the headache of planning a wedding and just elope too.”
A devilish grin spreads across his lips as he flashes me a mega-watt smile, “We’re fuckin’ geniuses. I will so be telling Knox tomorrow he should ask Savannah to elope.”
I highly doubt Savannah will go for that idea, but I’ll just let him enjoy his moment of glory.
Author Info:
Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 2. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2. I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.

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