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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Slide ( Broken #1) By Michelle Cogdon

Slide (Broken, #1) 

New Adult Contemporary

After surviving a horrific car accident twelve years ago, that claimed the lives of her mother and brother, heiress to the multi-billion dollar Montgomery Empire, Evangeline, promised never to go back to the city filled with memories of her tragic past. However, after an unexpected event, Evangeline reluctantly finds herself back in New York City.

Since the accident, Evangeline has feared the media attention that comes with having the Montgomery name, and would give everything up to bring back her loved ones. Delicate and camera shy, the last person she needs in her life is New York Yankees hotshot, Ryan Fox.

Witty and extremely arrogant, the notorious bad boy is well-versed at playing the game both on and off the field. Ryan isn't fazed by the media circus following his every move and couldn't be anymore different to the quiet, shy girl that is Evangeline. Everything about him screams trouble with a capital T, but it’s away from the cameras that Evangeline begins to see the real man hiding behind the cocky façade— one that is haunted by a dark and terrible secret.

Life led them to one another, but will further events and opening up about their past bring them closer, or tear them apart and have them sliding into darkness all over again?


Well I was recommended to take a look at this author and I must say Michelle ROCKED this book, i'm a sucker for a Sports Romance, and this one definitely hit the right spot....

Evangeline aka Evie ( DO NOT CALL HER THAT O ELSE!!! ;-) ) has a heartbreaking past, she had to watch her mother and older brother die in a car accident while she was saved, she's never forgiven herelf for them dying and so she's stayed out of the lime light. He family are very wealthy and well known in the fashion industry so her trying to stayed concealed are with great efforts. But, all that changes when her estraged father and brother send for her to come out to New York from Cali, she's thrust into a life she's desperately tried to shy away from, not to mention finding a play-boy love interest. Oh lordy.. was my first thought. Then I loved Evie all the more, the girl knows who she is and doesn't need anything from anyone. I had to respect her character because after everything she's been through, she wasn't afraid open up to what else life has out there.

Ryan F-O-X!!! aka Baby ( will understand if you read this book) Sexy baseball player, man-whore, family man, and AWESOME AS SHIT! I loved him from the beginning, he saw Evangeline and not just a conquest as a woman who could uderstand his demons he's been carryig since he was a boy. Someone who he could change everything he never wanted and make him settle down. He doesn't let Evie fight him he opens her up and shows her how it feels to let loose and love, which i found contradicting since he was the one who was the slut. LOL. He changes your mind about everything you read and hear about him from the get go. 

This book has everything, friendship, family, angst, sex, laughs, crying....oh the list can go on forever! The ending was perfect and well written and this whole story just flowed, not too fast or slow. 

4.5 STARS!! 


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