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Monday, January 6, 2014

Destructive Choices (Destructive #2) By L.U. Ann Blog Tour

Destructive Choices (A Destructive Novel #2) 

If the decisions you make don’t define you, what price would you pay to change them?

“Close your eyes. This is the darkness I see, I feel, I live because of my choices."

I spent my life running. Running from my past. A past that changed my life, robbed me of my childhood, and bound me for a life of silence. Silence protected me from further hurt. When I couldn't control my life, I found reprieve in my silence. Dark, cold silence. I’m trapped, trying to find my way out, trying to make a stand, trying to finally live; but is it too late?

Lacey Edwards fought emotional turmoil most of her life. She made choices that unknowingly put her through more painstaking heartache. She found bits and pieces of happiness in all the wrong areas except for one. This one gave her hope for a fresh new life full of promises. Could she hold onto it, or would it slip through her fingertips?



"Lacey!" Becca jumps out of the chair she's been quietly sitting in for so long. "You stop that shit right now. Oh, sorry, Mom!" Becca sheepishly turns back to me, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.
Becca continues. "You cannot apologize for that. I can sooooo theraputize you and you don't even have to pay me. Don't give me that look, Lacey." She points her finger sternly at me. "You heard me, theraputize. I am the best therapy for you. I'll get you a sweet little puppy; you'll have to teach to pee and poop outside, remember to feed and water it, but don't pour the water on it. It’s not a Cha-cha-cha-Chia Pet." She giggles at her own joke and then rolls her eyes as I stare at my crazy bestie continuing on her little rampage. "Don't look at me like I have three heads. You do all that, and you'll be too busy to worry about any other problems. See, it's a problemation. You needed help fixing a problem, and guess what? I solved it. Was there really any other solution? Besides, you know what a therapist is? It's a guy who can't help everybody. Enlist me, Love, and I'll have you as good as new in no time." She smirks.



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20 Fun Facts:

20 Fun Facts you may not know about L.U. Ann
Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens may be your favorite things, but here are some of mine.

1.    Favorite food: French fries!
2.    I am a vegetarian. I don't eat anything that has ever had eyeballs. J
3.    Favorite drink: Coffee, I am a proud coffee snob. Growing up on Cuban coffee, I have a sensitive palette when it comes to my coffee.
4.    Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
5.    Favorite destination: Anywhere there is water. This is the first year I've lived more than 150 miles away from the ocean.
6.    Favorite way to relax: Um… I don't. Reading is the closest thing to relaxing, but I've been found reading on my iPad in the grocery line, sitting in the car waiting for the bus, waiting for my daughter to perform her Christmas concert. Yes, I read everywhere. When I have a moment to relax, I choose something productive.
7.    I wear flip-flops as much as possible. My motto, "Every day is a flip-flop day."
8.    I have a big heart for animals. I've been known to rescue many strays and spend lots of money on wildlife rehabilitation.
9.    I have three dogs (Alfalfa, Darla and Louie), I have four cats (Fonzi, Maxi, Yogi and Bailey), I have a Sun Concure (Harry Husker), two guinea pigs (Daisy and Lily) and a French Lop Rabbit (Novella). Everyone thinks it's funny
10.                       I am and always have been an active swimmer.
11.                       I coached aquatics and basketball for Special Olympics.
12.                       I have been known to sing at the top of my lungs in the car with my kids. They think I'm a great singer. Dare we tell them differently?
13.                       I am a HUGE Adam Levine fan. Hubby gave me a hall pass, so I'm sorry ladies… he's mine.
14.                       I am an artist. Painting murals is my true love.
15.                       Shopping is a painful experience and one I try to avoid at all cost.
16.                       I love to garden, but I live in an arid climate right now where nothing grows but tumbleweeds.
17.                       My favorite color is black.
18.                       I may have a little OCD with light switches being in the off position when I go to bed. I may also have slight obsession with my alarm time.
19.                       My favorite date may include not only my husband but my children, instruments and Rock Band on the Wii.
20.                       I've had to learn a lot of state laws so that my daughter has the entitled education afforded to her. You will meet her in the third and final book of A Destructive Novel. Her nickname is Little Miss Sunshine. J




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