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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Escaping Destiny (Fae Chronicles #3) By Amelia Hutchins Blog Tour

I thought things couldn't get worse. I was wrong.
I found out what I really wanted and was forced to give him up. Just as I found out who I really am, I was presented to the elusive Horde King as a gift.
This was the mystical being I was hidden from for more than twenty years.
Although Ryder promised to save me, I couldn't let him get near this creature, so I willingly (sort of) signed myself over to be his new plaything.
Now in the Horde Realm, nothing is going remotely like I thought it would.
My powers and emotions are on the fritz, and each day seems to bring surprises that I am not sure how to deal with.
The Horde King thinks he has me exactly where he wants me.
He thinks he has taken all of my options away.
I still have choices.
Embracing what destiny has planned for me, or escaping it.


Damn it! Why is always ending?!!! This needs to go on forever, I cannot get enough o Syn and Ryder! Ugh! So perfect....

Well as you lovers of this series know, the book starts off where the last one ended, The Horde King has made an agreement and has taken Syn from her family and friends. Our girl Syn has never been and will never be a weak female, she fights or what she wants, and most of all she wants Ryder. Trying to have something worth holding onto, Syn lets what she feels for the fucking fairy she fell in love with to  get her through it all.

They're are new friends to be made, secrets to come out, and revelations that killed me a little more inside. I so wanr Ryder and Syn to get their happy ending. And FINALLY we figure out what Syn really is and what her part in the whole of Fairy is needed. I am soooo excited to see what the hell Ryder has planned now. I wish it was ready to go!

This series is just getting better by the minute, each book contains a part of the story that you HAVE to know about, so I wouldn't try to skip over anything. I want to say sooo much more in this review, but everything can give anything away, and i promise you don't want that.




“Now you admit it?” He continued to play. I liked this lighter side of him, even if he did want to bubble wrap me, and lock me in a panic-room until I gave birth.
“No, I’m not a Fairy. I’m Fae, and even though I suck at being one, I’m here. My old life is gone, you knocked me up. So yes, Ryder, I admit that I’m Fae, and I’ll even admit to being Blood Fae, and hell, while I’m at it, I’ll admit I like you. Now you, you’re still a Fairy,” I said, smiling impishly.
“You like me,” he said, shaking his head. “You like me.”
“Yes, it could be the hormones, but you are kinda cute…for a Fairy.”
“For a Fairy?”
“You should really get this hallway checked out, seems to have an echo in it.” I smiled even wider.
“I guess I could admit a few things,” he replied in a sexy voice that was filled with heat.
“Such as?” Yes, I was curious to know what he felt, since he never said anything apart from wanting me. Shit, we were having twins! And, I had no idea where we stood on this.
“You’ve got a great ass,” he said, never taking his eyes from mine as we walked, oblivious to anyone watching us. “Your screams when I fuck you? I like that shit, too. The noises you make when I drive my cock balls deep and you ask for more? Fuck, I seriously like it…a lot.”
Okay, maybe I fell right in to that one. “Flattery will get you nowhere,” I continued to tease him.
“I love the way that your eyes glaze over with heat, and your bottom lip quivers when you scream my name. I love the way you come on my cock,” he continued playing.
I swallowed and shivered involuntarily. Freaking Fairy had game! And he was using it all on me, and I was allowing it. “I like the way you fall over when I kick your ass.”
“You’ve never kicked my ass,” he replied easily.
“Never say never, Fairy,” I said before I turned and kicked out with one foot, while I planted my hands against his chest and shoved him. I stayed long enough to catch the look of shock on his face, before I turned and ran as fast as my legs would carry me down the long hallway. I squealed with laughter from the look on his face as I ran forward.
I’m not sure what I had expected, but c’mon, he was Fae. He sifted in front of me, which I hadn’t seen coming until it was too late. I ended up colliding full-force with his much larger frame. Hitting Ryder at a full sprint was like hitting a brick wall. I screamed as I started to fall backward, but he caught me easily.
“Shit!” he growled with a hint of laughter in his tone.
I was quickly pulled up and pressed against the warmth of his wide chest, which I’d just a second ago face planted. “What the hell do they feed you? Cement?” I said as I relaxed against him.
“You knocked me on my ass, Pet.”
“I did, didn’t I?” I snorted, happily flashing him a haughty smile.
“I should spank that pretty ass for doing so,” he whispered heatedly as he stalked me. I was walking backward toward the door I knew to be behind me.
“You wouldn’t,” I said, already knowing that he would. He was the epitome of a male. He was strong enough to do it, easily. I was almost surprised by the heat that erupted from the mere thought of his hands on my ass.
He took one step for every three I had taken. He caught me the moment we passed through the door to his lavish bedroom. One hand snaked around to the small of my back, and lifted me up against his immense chest, the other finding my ass where he then smacked it softly, almost teasingly. I smiled and bit into my bottom lip. He continued walking toward the bed, as if my weight didn’t hinder him at all.
His eyes burned with intensity as he turned us around, and lowered himself to the bed with me still pressed against his body. I spread my legs until I was straddled on his lap. I lifted my face until our mouths were close enough for either of us to make the first move to kiss.
Neither of us did so. Instead, we sat like that for minutes, just together. Both of us were afraid to move to dispel the peace, which was so new to us. No snarky comments came easily to mind, no brutal alpha male shit either. Just us. This was the man I’d fallen in love with, even with his sheer dominance and his need to control.
Right now there was none of that between us, and it wasn’t needed. I wanted him, and even though we had many issues to work through, right now wasn’t the time to discuss it. I had a craving, and only he could give me what I needed the most.


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Amelia lives in the great Pacific Northeast with her family. When not writing she can be found on her page Erotica Book Club, where she help's other indie authors meet fans. She's an avid reader of everything paranormal.

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