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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spark By Jennifer Ryder Review

Spark (Spark, #1)


Coming from a world of fiction myself, I completely got sucked into this book. I appreciated the Ms. Ryder's take on every book whore's fantasy of finding the love (or in other words), spark that we read everyday in our fictional book boyfriends.

Eevie has been through a hell of a lot at home, taking care of her siblings and mother. She just needs to find her own way in the world and with her best friends by her side, she is willing to journey out of her comfort zone, and take chances. With secrets being kept by someone she truly feels loves her some things don't always end in a good way.

Aiden is the guy that causes she umpf, in Eevie. With his good heart and the way Eevie wishes she could be the one o be with him, things take a change. There are plenty of moments in this book, where you can feel what they are and when the sparks fly so did i. I loved the emotions played into this, the relationships, friendships, truths, lies, and that final finale when you find that true spark. The books name speaks for itself, that I do know.


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