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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stricken Resolve (Stricken Rock #4) By S.K. Logsdon Blog tour Review

Stricken Resolve (Stricken Rock #4)


This series has had me at my highest and lowest. The characters are always changing, relationships are either coming together or falling apart, and each book leaves me wanting more with the bombs S.K. Logsdon drops to leave you hanging. This is the final book of the series and I have no idea, if I’m happy or sad.

I wanted Emily with Jonathan then wanted her with James, and then I was all hot and bothered by the scenes that play out throughout the whole things. The band and best friends are always around trying to their own relationships and supportive rolls, but you never lose focus of the main characters. The ending was everything I would have hoped for, but I was sad to see this journey come an end. I have reviewed all of these books and LOVE S.K.’s writing and the style that never gets old. She finished this one up with quite a few twists, but everyone in the book is with and where they should definitely be.

4.5 STARS!!

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