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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Heated Desire By Wendi Husley Book Review

Heated Desire picks right up from Where Book One: Tainted Desire left off, only this time it starts off in Cameron's POV. Kylie is in trouble and Cameron is trying to get to her. His thoughts on everything that is is going on just devastated me. From reading the first book, and knowing how he and Kylie feel about each other and what their relationship means, goodness you just have to feel for what Cam is going through. 

After Kylie wakes up in the hospital i thought everything would start to play out by going back to the way they were. Buy Wendi basically threw me for a loop. The relationship goes through drastic changes that neither Kylie nor Cameron really know how to deal with. Cameron wants to take care of her and put everything he's worked for on hold, but Kylie wants differently. I didn't blame her because after all the shit she's been through I would have wanted to move on myself. This book is about compromise and finding a balance, but ohh please do NOT forget that the steam between these two is off the freaking charts. I really enjoyed this book, and with that cliffy at the end, DAYUM....who knows whats in store?


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