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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Won't Give Up On You By FL Jacob Review

Well, if there is something to the whole duet books thing, then Miss Jacob has rocked my world. I was pleasantly surprised that i loved this series. There was tons of sexual chemistry and playing around (WINK!), between the two man characters in book one, that i was afraid i may not like all that much in book two. But, She added some angst, mystery, betrayal and pulled me straight in,. Staying up late into the night just two find out if Sabrina and Caston would finally be free to get their happy ending.

Sabrina is battling her fears to never be able to dance again along with trying to feel sexy after what has happened to her. I found her character to be quite remorseful for how she make Cas feel, but she is just trying to find her way again, and dealing with getting married, behind the scene players who are trying their best to ruin her relationship. It's all just too much but just enough at the same time. Her story plays out with the love of her life helping her in every way and I fell more in love with Caston as the story progressed. Caston has come a long way from the womanizing club goer we all met in book one. He has a woman he'd do anything for, but just can't get her to open up. The begiing of the book made me wanna hug him up and make everything better for him. He too gets the perfect story in his POV you just have to wait for the ending.

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