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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fan Girl By Brandace Morrow Review

Ali Pierce is an overweight teenager that has been dealt a shit hand for parents. She doesn't see herself as needing to be beautiful and finds her sadness and depressions fix with food. It's not until she falls in love with the lead singer of her favorite band that she see's herself for what she has become. She then takes herself on a mission to recovery and making herself feel good. Along with her bff, Stacie, Ali transforms herself into a beautiful woman, who rocks at  giving tattoos and and has the confidence to take on anything. 

Now this book does take you on a bit of a journey....

Jump years into the future and enter Deklan Thomas. F**kn sexy rock god of the world sensational band Rolling Bridges. He's always left tickets for Ali at every show, just to show her the same support he's been given since the very beginning. When Ali goes into a club one night, what she least expects is to end up in bed with the man who helped her change. But, that's not all! Nope Deklan is someone super important to her whom has been in her life without her even realizing it.

I loved this book and the mystique of Ali and Deklan's relationship. It's definitely not your typical rock n roll romance, but I found it to be one of my favorites this year. Every time I thought Ali and Deklan were in the clear, NOPE! Something else happens, they do FINALLY get their HEA, but it comes at a price that i was freaking pissed over. I cannot wait to read more from this author and of this series.

5 STARS!!!

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