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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surviving By Ahren Sanders Review

Thank heavens!! I was soooooo ready to  read this freaking book, and I must say I was NOT disappointed. This year so far has been a roller coaster of emotional books for me, so it was wonderful to sit back and read what true love feels like, without all the bull shit. Oh there was plenty of drama, but more so than that, was friendships, band mates, new love, and more hotness that had me facebook Ahren to tell her how hot that scene just was. Now lets get to it….

Welcome back Ravenl (Raven) Hayes! If you read book one, that cliff hanger on the end, had EVERYPNE upset that Raven had given up (the love of my life) Declan Collins, and her BFF Finn, was there on the plane to pick up the pieces. I was like “NOOO!! Don’t do this to me!” at the very beginning of the story. I could not read Raven making a big mistake, did it happen though? Ohh…you will have to read and see. Now Declan “mother fucking” Collins; that is still one sexy beast. He’s everything you could want in a rocker boyfriend, husband, lover, etc. He will do absolutely anything for Raven and I appreciated that about him. But, before you get to the good stuff of the meat in the relationship, you have to read what happened while Raven was away, and the dumb ass decisions, Declan found himself making….

Now, Ahren got straight to it with this book, not keeping her main characters separated for long. I liked that, I was afraid it would be too long for the characters to even interact, but when they hit the homecoming fireworks took off from there. The drama, press, girls, Finn, and family….nothing was left unsaid, and surprises were definitely made. I literally could not put this don, and when I finally finished it I was pissed at myself for not having more restraint in the first place. LOL. This is a must-read for anyone out there who loves a good rock n roll book and sexy times.

5 STARS!!!

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