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Monday, June 2, 2014

Intrigued & Enchanted By Eva Simone Book Review

Intrigued and Enchanted (Book 1)

***WARNING - Due to content, this book is recommended for age 18+***
Life can change in the blink of an eye. No one knows that better than Lily Pritchard…
Witnessing your father’s murder is every 15 year old girl’s worst nightmare; for Lily Pritchard it was her reality. Tormented by nightmares, twisted with guilt, Lily can’t let anyone close enough to care for her…until her world is rocked on its axis by a tall dark stranger.
Brandon Redgrave is intelligent, gorgeous, and wealthy; but he learned the hard way not to expect loyalty or love from those around you. Haunted by his demons, Brandon is determined not to make the same mistake again.
A chance encounter; two broken souls; explosive consequences.
Will Brandon and Lily be able to heal each other’s wounds, or will their pasts spill into the present, extinguishing any chance of a future together…


So to be honest, the cover to this book, literally, is the reason I wanted to read it, then of course the blurb, and I must say I was sooo not disappointed after doing so.

Lily Pritchard is single, a college soon-to-be graduate and the bestest friend ever. She lives with her BFF Jess, who is by far wayyy different from  Lily, but they are funny as hell when they get together. Lily doesn’t want a man, relationship, or sex, which brings you to her STILL being a virgin. She’s sexy and men want her, but she just doesn’t care. I completely got Lily and her personality and respected her as a female, to put her education and goals first, but I really was yelling “girl get laid!” lol.

Brandon Redgrave….sexy, charming, rich, and a complete sweetie pie to Lily. Meeting her in a unconventional way and then having a reason to get in touch with her to pursue her. Sigh** he’s just hit my book bf list for this year. The way he showers Lily with attention and is honest with her, made him rise up several notches with me. Not to mention, if you get in good with the BFF then you are usually set to go.

Lily and Brandon have a bit of some miscommunication in the beginning, but after several talks and some naughty time they were good to go.

4.5 STARS!! 

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