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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Krinos (Take-Over #1) By T.L. Smith Review

Sex. Mob. Bad-Assness. This book completely went beyond what I had imagined when it came to such a short read. I didn’t expect to get caught up in all the drama, but I am now completely in love with T.L. Smith.

Krinos, who knew that name would actually belong to a girl? Not just any girl though. A true executor to the thrown of her father’s empire. She’s not dumb and she doesn’t take anyone’s shit. Just because she’s a female doesn’t mean she won’t shoot you. Men that don’t expect such a beautiful woman to be a cold blooded killer, but they are proven wrong again and again. I felt for her character though. She knew the life she would eventually lead, but the steps at the end of the book that bring her to it are so messed up. All is not lost though… least not when you have a sexy ass man by your side.

Stefanos, good god almighty, the way he moves, his pursuit and the ultimate nakedness, just melts you. THEN!!!! He pulls a douche move. You can belong to him, but he can f*** around? Negative, but I didn’t find myself so upset about it though. Why? Because Krinos doesn’t make herself available to him, so what’s he to do? LOL…you gotta read and see but I found him really charming, and totally alpha when he puts his foot down. And Krinos’ father obviously feels the same.

This story is about finding your way in the most unconventional job you can give to a woman, but having family and a love that always has your back….and last but no least, ends on revenge. I cnnot wait to see where Krinos and Stefanos end up.

4.5 STARS!!!

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