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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Texas Sweetheart (Book One) By Pauliena Acheson Book Review

Maggie Summers, is in her final year of high school. On the first day she meets a new Guy after she helps his sisters. Maggie thinks he is gorgeous but there’s something about him that screams man-whore! Her twin brother Adam becomes friends with him and Maggie finds out she is right. Throw the first few months she becomes friends with Jase, as she watches him get with every girl possible!! Jase Jacks, Moved to the small town in Texas, Called bumble bee and he hated it….wanted nothing more than to move back to New York. On his first day of school he meets Maggie and her twin Brother Adam, Jase thinks she is beautiful and way too good for the likes of him. Besides she isn’t a one night stand kind of girl, so he decides to just be friends with her. After a few months Maggie meets her friend Jenny’s Cousin Christian and they start dating. Jase hates it but there’s nothing he can do or is there…

What will Maggie do when the worst possible thing happens to her? What will Jase do when he realizes he’s in love with Maggie? What other life changing Events happen? Will they be broken or will they be able to move forward?

That day SHATTERED all of their lives!!! They will never be the same…

18 and over readers only!


  OK, we start out with Maggie and her brother Adam, starting their senior year of high school… Maggie is a very sweet, attractive, and all around down home country girl. She gets down with the best of em. What I loved about her though was, she isn’t stupid, her family has money, but there’s no poor little rich girl theme here. Mags goes through some really messed up shit, and I don’t know about ya’ll but when you read what happens, you have to pick up some major respect for the girl. Maggie was a hoe or attention whore, she’s just who she is and just beautiful to everyone around her… We meet their friends and the rest of Maggie’s family as well, but the person the stands out the most is Jase.

  Jase, put some sugar on me, yes he’s a sexy freaky becoming cowboy. Just moving into Texas from New York with his parents, and two sisters, he’s not ready for life in the country, but after making some friends, ohhh the man loves it. I hate reading him being a hoe, but hey that’s the life of the story when it comes to teenage boys. He wants Maggie, but isn’t ready for a commitment, he lets her know this and her overprotective brothers as well. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting her, looking at her, and wishing she was his. After a horrible action happens, he basically says “f*ck it” and that’s the beginning of Jase and Mags.

  This couple goes through so so much, evern the ending was a shot to the gut. But, I loved it all the same. There aren’t a lot of authors who can write a high school romance and make it adult themed. Or even any that want to. All I know is that Pauliena did this book justice.

4.5 STARS!

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