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Monday, June 2, 2014

Pretty Instinct By S.E. Hall Review

Liv, is our main lady in this book. She’s had to grow up far sooner than she needed to and was left to take care of and provide for her older brother Connor. She also has Jarrett and Rhett, as her two best friends that have always been there for her, oh and lets’ not forget her Uncle is her bus driver. Lol. So, back to the plot. There band is call See You Next Tuesday and they tour around the country playing at different bars. After an accident occurs between Connor, Liv’s brother and her (then) female bassist, she’s let with a dilemma and needs a quick fix…..

And that brings us to Cannon!! I loveeeee Cannon, he is freaking amzing and such a good guy. He takes his time with Liv, just getting to know her. When drama goes down between the band, he’s either Mr. Fix-it or Mr. its-not-my-place, but he ALWAYS ALWAYS had Liv’s back. I found his sexy ass incredible and I felt like I was reading the book, not to get to know anyone else really, just Cannon and Connor. YES! They were that amazeballs.

This book has a dark secret that comes out and leave devastation behind, but you do eventually get your HEA. I wasn’t disappointed at all with this read.

4.5 STARS!!

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