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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Slade By Victoria Ashley Review

Oh Vicki, Vicki, Vicki.".....laugh...let's get to it.

1. The beginning.....fuck me side ways....that shit was hot as hell. I dunno know what it is about a man not afraid to pleasure a woman, but Hawt damn u got it right.

2. STRIPPERS!! I may need to go ahead and watch Magic Mike (no! I haven't seen it!!) but these boys have to be the the same as the characters.... The way Slade moves his body, ahiiiiiiiiiitttt....

And now let's get back to the story! Lol!!

Ok, we have Slade the ass hole/sexy beast/just gimme one man. He is a ass hole to the tenth degree but he has also dealt with stuff in his past to make home who he is, I hated him, then craved him, then felt for him, then I wanted to marry him. He's unlike anything I've read before. And that's because Miss Ashley always has something new.

Aspen....what to say? She's a sexy ass girl who has Slade wanting her from the time she steps into the club. Everyone can see her, she's whT u want every heroine to be. But she's also been hurt. So u cannot take away from her character if story Jo matte how much u may want to go back to just Slade..

After reading about 40% of this book! I was like "what the hell, come on! " not in a bad way though, please understand, this story may not be dark hut the sensuality of it all has u down on ur knees, from whispers to touches, to flash backs, then again to truths that may have never been told...for something short it's awfully surprising and heart breaking at the same time.

Miss Vicki....She's refreshing to those ole so familiar tastes I have and then kicks me when I'm down, because maybe, just maybe I fell hard for one of he book fb. I cannot be mad though, cause even with a novella she left me wanting to know about other characters and what their stories could let me know, I'm in love with these men and and and...hell I dunno just give me more!!!  

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