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Friday, July 18, 2014

Forbidden Blood By R.L. Kenderson Book Review

Wow, now that’s a story I could really get into and want to dive deeper with the characters with. I didn't expect I would love this so much after I started reading it and all the different character POVs going on. But, surprisingly it was easy to follow and I felt like if I didn't have that connection to each one of them, then the story would have definitely landed flat. I needed to know everything like the nosey girl that I am, and each couple was truly amazing to read about and watch their love blossom into: 1. Crazy intense heat that left you wanting. 2. Romantic and happy and in love with boundaries. 3. Intense hate-love that you just do not know what to do with. Which couple does each definition describe? LOL. I’m not going to make it that easy because you really have to read to understand, but I  will go ahead and give you a clue….

Naya, heir to the thrown for queen of the vampires. I loved that we were able to see a female lead in a power of authority. I don’t read many that are like this and was truly happy to read the other side for a change. She’s unhappy with her life and is just going through the motions of what her people and parents want from her. Going out with her BFF one night just changes everything for her, and a love she didn't think was possible opens her eyes to passion, sex, and a secret no one warned her about…

Vaughn…how to describe this lick-able male? Hell I dunno, sexy doesn't seem to do him justice, but alas it shall preface..sigh.. So we have this man who gets laid on the regular, never finding that spark that’s kept him wanting the same body twice, but when he meets Naya everything changes. A one-night stand was just what it was, until feelings change and the thought of letting her go doesn't seem right anymore. Fighting his (animalistic…wink**) reactions he tries to do what is best, but when something happens that changes both Vaughn and Naya’s lives, he cannot stand by anymore.

There are secrets and miscommunications throughout this book, but when everything comes together it made every mistake worth it. Wonderful job on this book and I am definitely waiting to see what happens two everyone in the series.

4 STARS!!!

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