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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guitar Face (Guitar Face #1) By Sasha Marshall Book Review


That’s seriously all I’ve been having as far as words go these past two days. I told Miss Marshall yesterday I would have this review ready, but I just couldn’t I seriously needed the time to come to term with “WTH??!!” No joke. I needed to put a few of my thoughts, emotions, and just downright tears into perspective in order to do this book justice…..

This story is unlike any rock story I have read thus far this year, I mean it was real, raw, dirty, and straight just true life through a book. Family and friends are lost and every time you see hope there’s more heartache, I was seriously putting my book down every other chapter because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Henley Hendrix is a rock goddess on the guitar, no one can do it, play it, or  sing it better than her, four years ago she dealt with some so unbelievably traumatic that she dropped off the scene only to show back up with her brother’s band on tour and her taking pics, but on the arm of the hottest man in rock n roll Jagger.

 I truly love Henley and the fact that Miss Marshall didn’t make a male the “STAR” of this book rather the woman who can kick ass just as good as any man. Jagger is freaking amazing all the way through this book, and THEN he messes up, but even after that you are left saying “oh girl take him back damn take him back” because that’s just the guy he is. Now I do not in any way approve of things he says or does, but his heart is made for Henley and I could totally see them married. P.S. That ass hat is carrying a heavy secret and it took me a while to notice that something just isn’t right…hmmm….

You go into the past a few times in Henley’s mind with her, but I didn’t even find that annoying as I usually do, it all just clicked and made since that those would be the memories she has whole going through things in the present. The final scene in the book, which, yes does lead to a cliffy, just rocked me and had me messaging Sasha with “what the hell happened? You cannot do that!” LOL. I seriously got invested in these characters and NEED to finish their story.

5+5+5+5 STARS!!!!

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