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Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Chance (Part One) By T. Renee Fike Book Review

Wow, this story completely took me by surprise by the range of emotions I went through with the characters of this story. I mean I started out intrigued by the idea of the book (of course), then I was a bit taken aback, then I was like “whew ok thank goodness she’s almost free”, then I got freaking annoyed, then…well let me explain this better, LOL.

Ok, we have Haley as our female leading character, she’s the quiet one but just as beautiful as any other girl, but is always upstaged by her twin sister, Kenzie. I really liked Haley, but at times I wanted to slap the shit out of her for being so na├»ve to the things going on in her life. A lot of what happened to her could been prevented, but that’s also the beauty of why I couldn’t stop reading this book. To watch her grow and fall in love, create friendships, and the train wreck of heartbreak, just amazing.

Liam, he’s Haley’s childhood BFFs big brother, star quarterback and major ass hole most of the story. I took me a while to like him, but his sexiness flowed off of the pages every time he was brought in. Could of just makes me scold myself for falling into those blue eyes…le sigh. He has his reason for being the way he is and when I finally read it I completely understood, I wouldn’t have went about the things he did in the same way, but that hurt doesn’t feel good for anyone. When Liam finally came around and was there for Haley and showed everyone how much he loved her, I was blown away and wanted me one of him pronto!
Now there are three characters who are major parts in this book , well four if you count Liam’s ex. I’m going to make this quick too.


1.     Brody= pussy, two-faced, opportunist.
2.     Kenzie= bitch, horrible sister, slut-bucket
3.     Quinn= LOVE HER!!!!
4.     Liam’s ex= BITCH, EVIL!!!
Ok, im done. ;-)

5 stars!!!

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