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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Razor's Edge By Raquel Reck Book Review

Well let me start by saying I totally didn’t expect this book to turn out this way… I have read plenty of books with the tattoo/rocker love and this one just completelly unraveled me. True love and deception play major rolls into Shay and Morgan’s story and FINALLY baby-daddy drama, lol. I shouldn’t be happy about that but in this instance I appreciated the change for once.

Shay runs and works in her ex-boyfriend/baby daddys tattoo parlor. She wants out of the life she’s been living and something better for her son. I was trullty amazed that  everything she did wasn’t for selfish reasons or to just make money it was always for her son and that right there is a mother’s love. I felt for Shay and all her struggles it has to hurt for everywhere you turn to run into something that reminds you of so much pain. Until she meets Morgan that is…

Morgan is a cutie pie. Seriously!! Total rocker with a heart but just enough bad ass to make him off the charts sexy. His mouth and words, his voice and strength, goodness he was awesome. I really didn’t see the big deal of his marijuana use, I also haven’t been affected by drugs in the way Shay was either, so I guess sympathizing with organ and Shay over that wasn’t in it for me. But Morgan taking control admitting he needed to be better and opening up honestly was simply inspiring to read. I loved him and the devotion he showed to everyone around him just let you know what kind of person he really was underneath all the hurt and pain he suffered through.

This story had its ups and downs and so many moments of “Oh please no!” moments but I have to say I was quite unhappy that it ended. Lol. I wanted more and even tho it gives you an HEA, I just love the two characters.


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