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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rock All Night (The Rock Star's Seduction #2) Book Review

Well sh**! i wasn't expecting that at all. i thought after everything these two have been through they'd finally get to be happy, but Olivia isn't making it easy at all...

I loved how this story started out with Kaitlyn telling her story and getting you ready for what was about to happen. The writing style was amazing; it was actually reading an article. But, you don’t even realize it until the end. All the stops at the end of the chapters get you ready to expect something, but nothing is ever how you want it to be. Kaitlyn was scared of EVERYTHING at first, but as the story progresses she comes out of her shell and exposes the girl we all knew was in there in book 1. I loved her personality even more in this book, but hated that she sometimes second guessed herself all because of Derek…

Now Derek is a completely different guy then in book one. I wasn’t sure how to feel about him. He has definitely let fame get to his head, and the sweet and charming guy from book 1 wasn’t there anymore. At first he was wonderful, but he just kept throwing me for loops with his mood swings. I couldn’t help but to love him though, cause in-between the cracks is an amazing guy he just lost himself somewhere after losing Kaitlyn in book 1.

The relationship is great, then not so great, then I don’t even know. I usually don’t cry with Rock star books, but with this one I shed an actual tear. Not on purpose either it was just because I felt for Kaitlyn and wanted her to really be happy. Now, let me tell you I loved the band!! Yes! They were hilarious from Miles the band manager who is a complete crazy ass English black man (but cracked me up), to Killian who out of his mind high but a beast on the guitar (and the sweetest but most confusing man ever), to Riley who couldn’t be more inappropriate if you tried to write her yourself (she’s a ball of sarcastic lesbian love though)…and to finally RYAN, remember him? Yes! That little guy grew into an amazing sexy man and he was an absolutely big part of this book. I saw a love triangle forming, but not completely getting there, and to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m not the writer, but if that come to be imma feel like “why the hell did I spend so much time on the main two characters in books 1 and 2?” Just saying.  But overall an awesome series so far!!

4.5 STARS!!

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