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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Beats In Rift By Ker Dukey Book Review

WOW! Just freckn slap me sideways… What a ride of a book! The emotions just threw me left and right… SHIT, let’s get to it…

Meadow aka Beats… was truly picked on in school and had a shitty home life. One day during the summer she meets the Jacob twins and he life changes forever. (That’s the easiest way to put it, lol) Ok. So Meadow is truly beautiful she just doesn’t show it, with a mother whose the town whore and no father in the picture she just doesn’t want to deal with what everyone would think of her if she showed who she truly is. The only two people who make her feel whole are the two men who later in life cause her the most pain…

NOW!! I’m gonna start with Justin cause he’s the easiest for me to describe…. He the American boy compared to his brother: football player, great smile, nicer clothes, sweet appearance, more in the closet about his male whorish Yes, he’s a great friend and seems to put his brother and Meadows feelings above his own “AT FIRST”. I liked him a lot and I could tell he was hurting, when one parent gives you everything you need it’s hard to turn your back on them, but he was selfish in how he controlled his actions in life so that seriously pissed me off. By the end of the book “EPILOGUE” is when I actually started to like him again. He had the opportunity time and again to do the right thing , but his jealousy overruled logical thinking. (One of the best book villains of 2014 for me even if my description pisses some people off, hehe)

And FINALLY my favorite man..JARED aka RIFT… oh my he was a sexy beast from the very beginning se was the ultimate sweet bad boy. He waited for his best friend “Beats” was ready before he pushed her into a relationship and it wasn’t that big of a push anyways. His loyalty to his mother was inspiring, he was wrong for his attitude towards Meadow, but I understood his pain, sometimes it’s hard to trust someone when your world is crumbling. I wanted to scoop MYSELF up in his arms and have him rock me for comfort because he was hurting, I know that makes no sense to you but I was in pain and I need him so shh.. anywho yes the man leaves and no one knows where he went, then BAM SHOWER SCENE…damn that was hot! He’s back and lives start to really change after that..

This book takes place over years from young children way into their 20s so you get the full picture of the relationships, emotions, lives, and finally the responsibilities of what real family is. This is a story what it truly means to have people who will forever be a part of you and love that never fades.


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